Rat City, Flowers, Tribute

What does Rat City, Flowers, and Tributes have in common? Well, pretty much nothing except for the fact that I've enjoyed all three of them in the past week. Let me explain....

Rat City

Get ready for this...roller derby. Here in Seattle there is a roller derby league called Rat City Rollergirls. These girls are rough, and tough, and so unique, they are the badest girls around and you're so weak (<--I had to, it's an old cheer from, well, let's not get into that).


Josh and I decided to twist up our weekend movie night and insert a night out watching some roller derby. I was pretty doubtful about the whole idea, but thought it wouldn't hurt to go for a few hours. Neither of us had any idea how the game was played. Luckily we had our iPhones to look up the rules. After a quick look-up, we had the basic idea, and enjoyed watching girls beat each other up. Get a glimpse of the action...


Ready for something sickenly sweet? Josh has gotten me flowers two times in the past 3 weeks. Isn't he the best husband? Today, while in training at work, the knock opens up and my co-worker walks in with a big box from ProFlowers. I immediately knew it was for me, but I just didn't know why. Inside was two dozen roses with a little note wishing me a happy half year anniversary. Okay ladies, say it, "awwww." Yes, I do have the best husband. And I can't believe we've been married half a year - time flies!!


Roses at work



If you've read the book or seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I seriously need you to get with it or else we might not be friends. Tribute, District 12, President Snow...errr, okay, I guess I need to spell it out for you....Hunger Games. And I saw it opening weekend.


Sometimes when books are made into movies, I'm bitterly disappointed. But, this time, I can say with certainty that I was NOT disappointed. Sure, they switched a few things up, took a few things out, but they had to edit it or else it'd be too long - I get it. And they did a very good job. Highly recommend it. Go see it! It's awesome.