Got David Bowie in your head now? 

Josh and I have been experiencing some changes. Yesterday we both had our last day of work. It was totally coincidental; definitely didn't plan it this way. I think it's pretty lucky though. We have a week off together with no work to stress us out. How nice is that?

We both finished around 1:30pm yesterday, after 2 weeks of "got to get this done" mentality. We didn't want to leave our companies off in a bad place, so we've been working hard. Now, that the work is done, we can relax. 

I get a week off before I begin my new job. I'm transitioning from a working at home position to being in an office again. I was starting to get lonely working from home, and felt like I really need to get outside and be more social. So I took up a job very similar to what I did at Acxom - both in what the company does and what I'll do. In case you can't remember, I worked at Acxiom as an Account Manager. Now, I'm going to Responsys as a Program Manager, Customer Success. The titles sound different but my responsiblities will be very similar. I think this will be a good transition to getting me going in the Seattle business world. 

Josh, on the other hand, will begin his job search next week. His work-life balance was totally off, so we just felt he needed to leave and take quality time to find out a position he'll enjoy and have more balance.

What are we doing now?

1. First & foremost, Josh got a burrito. This was immediately after. Careful, he'll bite if you try to go near the burrito.

Josh's Burrito

2. We watched trash TV (Millionaire Matchmaker) for a bit. Wow, watching TV during the workday afternoon sounds so rebellious. 

3. Went to Friday Happy Hour with friends. 

4. Got Haircuts (on Saturday).

Heather's Hair cut Josh's Hair cut

5. Baked Cookies.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ahh, look what you can do when you have free time on your hands!