Be My Guest

Before I write any further, please listen to this post's theme music: Be My Guest from Beauty & the Beast

Ok, now start the blog:

In this case, I'm actually the guest. So I could be Belle! And instead of it being a guest for dinner in a creepy castle where a beast lives, I'm a guest on another blog. A little less awesome than being a cartoon character in a song with singing candlesticks, but still pretty awesome.

Yes, I'm featured on my father-in-law's very cool photography blog, The Next Best Photo. Seriously, he takes the most beautiful pictures, so you should really explore his blog. My guest post, Emerald Seattle, is about great places to take photos in Seattle. The photos are my photos too! 

I hope that my being a guest makes you a regular on his blog too. Psst! And sometimes Josh and I get included in his posts. So read it!

Can I be considered famous now?