Deck the Walls

Josh and I decked our walls this weekend. It's been a work-in-progess, and still is, but we made some stellar headway over the weekend. 

It all started with my want for a subway sign. I first saw these subway blocks at a local store in Ballard called Jax Joon. Everytime we walked in the store I ohh and ahh'd over them. They had cute sayings on them like "A True Love Story Never Ends." Or "Live what you Love." How cute is that? 

Josh didn't like these cute little sayings as much as me. So I put my thinking cap on. First, the next time we went to the store, I looked on the back of the sign and found it was a Primitive. Then, I started investigating on Etsy searching for primatives. Next I found out that the style I liked was subway. I narrowed my search more, and I came across a site that lets you personalize a subway sign. However, this wasn't a wood block. Gosh darn it, I want a wood block. I want a wood block with subway letters. It's GOT to be out there. You know when you get an idea stuck in your head? This was one of those times. This was officially a quest.

So I kept going next, next, next on the Etsy pages. Finally, I came across Expressions Wall Art. This Etsy seller had my blocks + it had my subway letters. So, I wrote the seller a message and asked if she personalizes her wood blocks. YES! 

Then Valentines rolled around, and what do I ask for? My Sign! And Josh being the loving husband he is agreed to get it. So this is how we ended up with this awesome sign on our wall. As you can see, it lists all the places Josh and/or I have lived (some of them together, some of them on our own).

Our Subway Sign

Also, we got a very cool Seattle print from our friends Jeff and Melissa. We framed that and hung it up as well. It's from another Etsy seller called Anagram Press. Isn't our wall cool?

Hanging Photos Photo Central

We intended to hang even more photos - to make one of those wall collages (or like this). It was taking forever to just get three things up though. So, like I said at the start, this is an on-going project. Some of the other photos that will eventually make it onto the wall are sitting on the table (you can see them in the above photo). For now, it looks great to me!