Soak up the Sun

At last, the sun arrived in Seattle.

Walking around town, you'll notice people are a bit red. The sun appeared here over the weekend (and is still here!). It's my belief that Seattlities go a bit nuts when the sun is out. It's like the gray skies seeps out all the sanity, and then the sun arrives and we get sun obsessed. We have whole conversations that center around the weather and the sun.

Josh and I partook in the sun craze this weekend. We spent a fair amount of our weekend outdoors. It was sooooo nice. On Saturday, we took a ferry over to Bainbridge. This is something we've been meaning to do since the wedding when some family went over there and said it was cute. Josh and I were holding out for good weather to make the day trip -- it's been 7-1/2 months. Enough said.

The sunshine made the ferry ride very pleasant, and it gave us some good views of downtown on the way in/out. It's only like a 30-40 minute ride, and Bainbridge is the first stop. From the ferry terminal, it's like a 5-10 minute walk to the cute downtown.

Seattle from Ferry Seattle from Ferry

We meandered to town, and decided it was lunch time. We made a stop at a place called Nola's that got good reviews on Yelp. The wait was like 30 minutes though, and we were hungry. As we walked out, we noticed a sunny, little park. Then, as luck would have it, next door was a butcher/deli that looked pretty dang good. Why not enjoy our lunch outside?

And that's what we did. We ordered two sandwiches from the Hitchcock deli (and I got a lavendar latte - yum), and we headed to the perfect little picnic spot.

 Picnic on Bainbridge Picnic on Bainbridge

After a our tummies were full, we took a lovely stroll through the stores. Grabbed more food, this time a tasty milkshake from Moras (which totally rocked), and strolled some more. 

Then we headed back on the ferry. After which, we strolled some more in downtown Seattle. 

Sun shining. Good food. Cute shops. Could it get any better?