Josh's New Job

Before you read, start the theme music...Celebration.

The title of this post is pretty indicative of what I'm about to say...Josh is employed! Woo hoo! We are both so very happy. I think this is a great, new start for him. It's with a company called Logic 20/20 -- it's Seattle-based, and a smaller company. He'll be a Senior Consultant. Yes, he'll be doing consulting again, but on a more techincal level. We think this will be a much better fit for him, and hopefully a better work/life balance.

Of course, when it rains it pours because he got to decide between two offers. It's always nice to be wanted. It was a tough decision though. He will start the Tuesday after Labor Day (9/4), so he has a week to decompress (and find more work clothes). 

Thanks to everyone for being a support throughout this process. Now, it's time to celebrate (play that theme song one more time).