Buh-bye 2012, Hello 2013

Happy New Year! It's 2013! 

2012 went way too quickly. It seems every year I get older, the years go by faster and faster. So here we are at 2013. Hope this one goes slower. ;)

I just got back home to Seattle yesterday after a lovely visit to both parents in SoCal. New Years Eve was dinner with friends at Re:public, and then we all came back to our place to watch the ball drop. Not to crazy, but fun. 

I plan on give you my 2012 year in review once I've had some time to put some thoughts together. Today was all about getting settled and ready for work tomorrow. Until my awesome 2012 post is ready, here's 2012 in review from JibJab (please excuse any course language or visuals - I didn't make this, ok).