Switch up

First, let me fill you in on how my brain works. I write "switch up," and this song immediately gets stuck in my head. I'm weird, I know.

Now, why I was even thinking "switch up" in the first place. Well, as you can probably tell, I'm switching up the look and layout for my blog. Part of the reason is I want to be on SquareSpace 6. The other part is so Josh stops nagging me about switching to SquareSpace 6. Lastly, and mostly, because I like to think that as I get older, the more awesome my style gets and my blog needs to keep up with my stylin' ways.

This is the third switch up on my blog. Crazy right? Do you remember the look of my first blog. Check it. What to hear something even more crazy? I've had this blog going now since 2009 (first post). That's three freakin' years. Crazy, I tell you, crazy.

Now, on with blogging!

My Blog Layout Remembered

My Blog Layout Remembered