Something Fishy

Something is fishy, something is very fishy... 

That something fishy would be the Ballard Seafood Fest. Surprise! It's supposed to be fishy; it's a seafood fest. The very name has fish in it

That's where we spent our Saturday afternoon this weekend with my friend Beth. We all went together last year, too, but oddly enough we didn't do anything seafood related. In fact, the post was called Fried Goodness because Josh got a fried Twinkie. (Side note: did you know Twinkies are back?). This year we went with the purpose in partaking in the festival's name: seafood fest.

Our first seafood experience was to eat it. Beth and I got halibut tacos, while Josh got oyster sliders. We all gave it two thumbs up...or would this we six thumbs up? 

After lunch, we went to the lutefisk eating contest. Maybe not such a great idea after eating, but it all ended up okay.  

Okay, lutfisk. Now this is interesting. I know about it from my Swedish heritage. I'm 25% Swedish - on my mom's side, and more specially my grandmother. I grew up hearing the tales of lutfisk (I guess Swedish spell it without the "e"). My mom always brings up her Uncle George and how grandma would make it at Christmas for him. Uncle George apparently liked to let it slither down his throat. Ick! Let me tell you, it doesn't sound pleasant to let something "slither down your throat," does it? Lutefisk is basically a white fish that's dried, and then reconstituted in lye. I'm sure you're springing off your chair to go try some. ; ) 

Anyway, we decided to watch a lutefisk eating contest at the Seafood fest. There were three rounds where each contestant was given a portion of lutefisk. The person that ate it the fastest, wins. I know you're dying to see the video, so I capture it for you (this was the final round)..

I knew you'd enjoy that video. The grey haired guy won. He engulfed that fish. I think the trick was to not breath in the lutefisk fumes and just open your throat, and let it slither down. Hee hee. 

The rest is less exciting. We roamed around the booths, which had all sorts of goodies. Basically more like a regular festival or fair. But we got our fish experience, and now I feel complete with my Seafood Fest experience.  

On an ending note, here's a close up look at lutefisk along with the O'Lutefisk Christmas song we listened to when I was growing up - enjoy!

Lutefisk, want a taste? 

Lutefisk, want a taste?