Hanging the Jewels: DIY

I don't actually do that many DIY projects. I would like to, but I never seem to just hunker down and do them. The last real project was last year (remember this)! Usually it's because I'm slightly intimidated by them.

I go on Pinterest, and see all these folks pinning awesome DIY projects. Do people actually do those projects? I wonder. Am I the only gal that's looks at something and thinks it just too much work?

When I came across this jewelry board on Jones Design, I thought that this might actually be one I could take on. Not too complicated, and the materials & tools seemed simple enough. Although the post didn't actually explain the project step by step, I though I could swing it. Plus, I had the cork board just sitting here - it has been in our office since we moved here (so for 3 years).

Not to mention, I've been wanting to organize my jewelry for ages. I've been eyeing cute organizers on Etsy. Like this one, and this one. Oh, and then there is this DIY project, too, but the wood and knobs ... yikes! 

I decided why spend so much, when this one could actually created, by me, on the cheap... challenge accepted.



And guess what? I DID IT. It was pretty easy, too. Let me tell you how this is done...

First, you need supplies. Here's what I got:

  • Cork board - IKEA for $5.99
  • Burlap Fabric - Joanns for $3.99/yard (like 2-3 yards)
  • Decorative Nails - Joanns for $2.99
  • Ribbon or Lace - Joanns (can't remember)

As for tools, well, I thought I didn't have a staple gun, but I did. Woohoo! Otherwise, I was planning on glue - like the glue gun. I bet it would work, too. And that's the only tool you need. 


Lay the fabric on the floor, and place the board cork down. Then, staple on the back. I got the staples as close to the wood frame as possible. Make sure to tug the fabric to make sure it's all snug. 


When you get to a corner, just put in lots of staples. I tried to be tidy, so I folded the fabric - just like you would like when wrapping a gift - at the corners. Go all the way around. Remember to keep pulling to ensure it's tight.


Then I placed the ribbon in diagonal stripes across the board. And staple some more. Lastly, put in the decorative pins all around. I tried to visualize the board as a grid to make it even spacing, but I didn't go crazy. Just eye ball it. Nobody will judge. 


That's pretty  much it. I had a fabric flower thing on my dresser that I never use, so I put it in the corner. Then just grab some push pins and hang those necklaces! Voila! 


After I made this board, but before I wrote this post, I noticed Jones Design came out with her own step by step instructions. You can check it out, if you think my instructions aren't good enough (which would make me sad). But I like the fabric option she shows, so you can check it out for idea purposes (and that would be okay; my feelings won't be hurt). 

It took my like an hour, or less, and now my necklaces are on display. Benefits of this board:

  • I can quickly access which one I want to wear.
  • They are kept from getting tangled up.
  • They make the room dazzle. 

I think you can totally do it. Totally!

Or, if you're nice enough, and you really want one, I might just make it for you for a birthday or Christmas.