When you first get to know someone, you ask them where they work, or what they do. When I say Responsys, I usually get a quizzical look. Or an "oh, okay." It's not like Google or Facebook. If you're in the industry, you probably know us...otherwise, I just end up babbling about how email is not spam

The next step is telling someone about what I do. I find this rather difficult, too. I am a Program Manager - not a programmer (lots of people seem to jump to that conclusion). Ohh am I far from being a programmer (trying to picture that - ha!). What I do, in a nutshell, is manage projects. Specifically, I manage creative projects. I mainly work with the creative team who designs and writes emails for our clients. 

That was a long winded way to lead into this post. The main purpose from all my babble above is that I work with creative people. And I think they are super creative. Sadly, lots of people don't know them as creatives because we are not at a company that's only creative. But my creative peeps shined the other week, and I was so thrilled to help (hey, I have a creative streak too!).

The event was Wayzgoose (I think I say it differently every time). And we rocked it at Wayzgoose. Now, more people learned about Repsonsys and it's awesome creative folks. Booya! Go us. 

Responsys Poster: Museum of Glass

Basically, a bunch of local design/creative/print companies get together to make large poster prints. It's an annual event, and the theme this year was museums. Each company got assigned a museum then designed a poster for that museum. We, Responsys, got The Museum of Glass (remember when I went there?).

Before the event, everyone made a linoleum "stamp" of their design. Then the printing happened at the event. 

Starting with the top, left photo, here's how the process goes:

  1. Make your stamp.
  2. Paint it - Here's where I helped. 
  3. Place it on the ground. 
  4. Lay down a large piece of paper over the stamp. 
  5. Put a piece of wood down to secure the paper. 
  6. Take a steamroller and roll over the print.
  7. Lift up the paper...(insert "ohhs" and "ahhs" here).
  8. Hang it up for everyone to see. 

You saw our finished poster (pictured above), but the competition was fierce. There were some other crazy awesome posters. The best poster, besides ours obviously, was the Pinball poster (which also got first place). Here's a few I liked: 

Other Posters at Wayzgoose

Everyone hung there poster from the building (the School of Visual Concepts puts on the event) . It was cool to see all the posters hanging.

Hanging Posters at Wayzgoose

Lots of talented folks where at the event, and it was pretty great to see. And the cherry on top was that we got honorable mention. Three of us got honorable mention actually (equally placed), and then the Pinball poster got first place. We were pretty stoked about our win. Like the dark horse riding in. Boom.  

Yay Team Responsys (photo credit to some of these to Henry Alva)

My co-workers are the bestest (one of the copywriters probably just cringed there). Fun times! 

P.S. My co-worker, Henry Alva, took some excellent photos - they're up on Flickr here