Summer Look Back

As a farewell to Summer (because let's just all admit it, summer is over), I decided to do a look back with pictures. Here's a trip down memory lane. 

Starting from top-left...

  1. Hiking St Edwards State Park
  2. Fourth of July Celebrations 
  3. Visiting Northwest Trek 
  4. Fun times at Ballard Seafood Fest
  5. Wine tasting at Kirkland Uncorked
  6. Touring Snohomish 
  7. Go Sounders! 
  8. Rat City Roller Derby 
  9. Go Mariners!

Starting at the top-left...

  1. Random Lunch in downtown
  2. Josh's dream...we found a Sonics 
  3. Take me out to the ball game
  4. Discovering Snohomish
  5. Lucha Libre 
  6. Visiting Chicago & Grandma Ruth
  7. Jeremy's Wedding 
  8. Happy Hours on Patios - cheers!
  9. Kayaking on Lake Union

Wow, when you look at this way, we did quite a lot this summer! And I didn't even post about everything -- missing stuff like the awesome day kayaking on Lake Union, the Mariners game, hiking, happy hours, and roller derby. Man, we're awesome! 

Not enough photos? Check out my Summer gallery on Flickr...or, since I'm slowly transitioning my photos to just be on my site! So you can find even more photos here!