Best of 2013 - Your Favs

At the end of each year, I always like to sit back and reflect back on the year. What was my favorite moment? What trips did I take? Who did I meet? Favorite songs, books, and movies? I wonder, did I capture it all in my blog? Probably not, but I hope I was able to share most of it. So I took a look at my Google analytics from my blog and thought I'd see what your favorites were from my blog for 2013. Let's take a look:

1. heatherjoyus - [Page views: 1,568] Not surprising that most people just head to my main page. This shows the most recent posts, and you can scroll and check everything out. It's a good place to check in on what I've been doing. I've been trying to make the top image change more often to give it some jazz. The below is one that I had up for a large part of the year. We were in Georgetown (just south of downtown Seattle). 

Heather in Georgetown 

2. A Spot of Tea: Cederberg - [Page Views: 141] This little tea shop popped up in upper Queen Anne this year. I just love it. It's South African roobios tea that's made into delicious drinks. It's made like espresso so they do some magical stuff with it. This was probably popular because the owners posted it on their Facebook page. It's so great to support local businesses, and the owners are so nice. 

Iced Roobios latte & Roobios Fresh from Cederbergs

3. It's Not Pulled Back - [Page Views: 89] Wow, I had no idea you guys were interested in my hair! This year was a big change for me with my hair style. I got it shorter and more red. I'm quite happy with it. 

Heather at Joshua Tree 

4. Christmas Letter 2013 - [Page Views: 81] I was really thinking this would be at least #2. We put the link to the Christmas letter on our Christmas card. If you want to hear about our 2013, check out this post. You should watch the slideshow, too.

5. 2 Year Anniversary - [Page Views: 80] Two of the happiest years being married to my best friend. I know, that was super cheesy, but it's incredibly true! He makes me laugh, we have long conversations, we can have no conversations, we venture around - love this guy.  

Heather & Josh in Victoria (where we had our 2 year anniversary!)

6. Baker's Corner - [Page Views: 63] You also seemed to like this Baker's Corner post as well. Do you like sweets as much as me? I think I need to share more baking goods with you if you like these posts! More yummiest for me, and more eye candy for you. This also helps me work on my food photography skills. It's a win-win for everyone!

Making Macarons

7. Goodbye Home - [Page Views:59] This was a momentous event of the year. My parents moved away from the home where I grew up. I loved the house and it has so many good memories of my childhood, but I think it's a good move for my parents. The memories will still live on. 

Goodbye to my childhood Home

8. 2013 Fall - [Page Views: 56] I moved away from Flickr and started to post my albums on my blog instead. I didn't know you even looked at my photos! This warms my heart. I work hard on my photos. One of my goals in 2013, and again for 2014, is to improve my photography skills. 

Kayaking on Lake Union

9. 2013 Summer - [Page Views: 52] Re-read #8 above. Dang, now I know I need to get Winter 2013 up! 

Parents Visit in the Fall

10. Baker's Corner: Cake Balls & Pops - [Page Views: 48] Of course! Who doesn't love a good cake pop. I have had none believers eat one of these pops, and realize they might have been mistaken. These are the real deal people. Delicious! 

Cake Balls

Thanks for reading my blog in 2013! More to come for 2014. :) Cheers!