October 31st

Happy Halloween Friends! 

Did you pick a movie to watch tonight? 

My office had a little Halloween party today. It was a fun party, which included some pumpkin bars made by yours truly. Not to mention, the costume turnout was fantastic. Wanna see?

I was a fox. This might lead you to ask...What does a fox say? Hence my pose in every picture - ha! Please tell me you've watched this video. 

The Cool Cats - Shane's team

Viking Pimp, Urkel, Foxy, Beeyonce, Snoopy

Team Safeway (minus a few - who knows where they were)

"photo booth"

What does the fox say?

More costumes!

Did you guess them all correctly? We had Robin, Havana 1960s guy, Urkel, Beeyonce, Viking Pimp, Katniss, Fiona, Mario, a Pancake Baker, Banana man, Khaleesi (Game of Thrones), Snoopy, Rocky Raccoon, Batman...oh so many. The Where the Wild Things are costumes were fantastic.

Happy Hallows! Boo!