Deck the Hall Ball Experience

I must be getting old. I can't remember the last concert I went to. Could it have been Vertical Horizon? No way. Ah, maybe it was Franz Ferdinand? That might actually be right. Oh goodness me. It's not like I'm a major concert-goer, but come on. Good thing I remedied that dry spell with Deck the Hall Ball last Tuesday. We went with a few of Josh's co-workers, and got some great seats. The experience was freakin' awesome. Now, I want to go to more concerts - yay!

Don't let the concert name confuse you, it wasn't really a Christmas concert. Just a good time of year to have an awesome concert with a good line-up. It started at like 3pm, and considering it was a work day, I only saw the last four bands. However, the last four were probably the best. There was:

  • Young the Giant - I actually have what I believe is their first album, Young the Giant. I decided to buy it since I really liked the song, My Body. Then I learned I liked others like Cough Syrup and I Got. It's pretty easy-on-the-ears music and one can sway to well.
  • Cage the Elephant - To me, this is pretty hard rock. But I enjoy Ain't No Rest for the Wicked, Shake Me Down, and Come a Little Closer. Oh, and I just learned I like other songs like Cigarette Daydreams and Take It or Leave It.
  • Weezer - I loved it; their act was so hipster and geeky. It was exactly what I thought. Fun fact: My phone ring is to Island in the Sun. I usually answer at the "hip hip" part. Gosh, so many fun songs. Favorites include Island in the Sun, Undone, Buddy Holly, Troublemaker, and Beverly Hills.
  • Imagine Dragons - They were the final act and the band I looked forward to the most. They did not disappoint. I sang along, bobbed my head, and maybe even raise my arms and yelled out at some part. Dudes, they rocked it. I think they played every song on their Night Visions album, which I own. The last song played was Radioactive and it blew me away. They put on a great show! 

Radioactive, Imagine Dragons

I'm sure by now you're feeling a bit left out. Well, here's a quick glimpse into some of the concert:

Wasn't that fun? Sing with me now....