Random Acts of the Month: November

Goodbye November. You leave us with just one month left of 2014. How is this possible? It's cazy talk, bit it's real. Times flies.

So, November. The main event for me every of November is Thanksgivng.. You know what drives me nuts? That Thanksgiving gets shoved aside for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. In fact, I'm Mrs. Christmas. But I let's show some appreciation for Thanksgiving. Okay, enough rants and back to November and photos. Here we go!

Joy the Baker his a real human being and I met her // I made pumpkin macarons - two of my favorite things // Our Thanksgiving Pumpkin Praline Pie. Bam. 

Kids with crunchy fall leaves // Fall sunshine // Josh on our Thanksgiving Dat walk at Discovery Park

Warming up with tea at B. Fuller Mortar & Pestle // Thanksgiving Dinner Cheers! // Drinking our "apple a Day" at Schilling Cider

Plaid Friday with co-workers - oh, true Seattlites // Guess who got promoted? This girl. And they gave me a trophy

Stuffing myself at lunch with a Workgiving // Our Thanksgiving Feast at Golden Beettle

Snow day in Seattle (and some freezing temps - yikes!) // Post-Thanksgiving cranberry turkey sandwiches from Homegrown (it's what ya gotta do if you don't have leftovers)

Okay, now bring on December and Christmas!!