Spring Flowers and Watercolors

Happy Spring! 

Yes, today was the first day of spring. And by golly, the sun was out here in Seattle. Can it be? Is it true? It's spring? Well, yes, but I don't think that will totally stop the rain. I mean it did hail last night, so there's that...not to mention April showers brings may flowers. So I fully expect more rain & showers, but it's nice to think that flowers will start blooming and the sun will peek out and say hi more often.

One of my favorite parts of the spring is all the flowers, especially the cherry blossoms. They are all around here in Seattle, and I love driving down roads where the cherry blossoms line the street. It's glorious.

Anyway, I recently found a neat app that features flowers beautifully. It actually turns them into watercolors. Of course, you can use any photos, but I find flowers are my favorite. The app is called Waterlouge. I have it for my iPhone, but you can also get it on your iPad. Here's some before and afters with the app.

One of my favorites with the app so far is from our walk through Pike Place last weekend. I love all the flower vendors. I pretty much take a photo of them every time I go.

And there is another app I wanted to tell you about as well called Studio - good news, it's free. It allows you to add text, texture, frames, graphics in any old way you want. Some folks have made some neat creations. I'm still playing with it, but it's fun. My Happy Spring above was made with it and Waterlouge - crazy. But "Stay Golden" is another one I created recently from a picture I took in Joshua Tree.

Don't be like someone else I know that tends to spend way too much time on her phone playing with photo apps, eh hem. But I hope you enjoy them. It's my gift to you for spring. Now go take some beautiful flower photos!