Busting out my Green

Apparently for me, St. Patrick's Day is all about food/dessert, wearing the color green, busting out all my celtic jewelry, gloating about my maiden name O'Neill, and talking about my Irish heritage (the whooping 25% of it). Just look back at my what I said in previous years: 20132012, 2011, and 2010... (it goes on, you get it).

But I must admit, I secretly love the fact that I'm part Irish. But I wonder if my Swedish and German side get jealous. I mean, I (or actually, we as a country) don't really celebrate the Swedes or Germans in any way, do we? But they oughtn't be jealous because it's really just a day to drink Baileys and Guinness. Speaking of Baileys, check out these lovelies...

Not the best photo (it was already dark out so poor lighting, deal with it), but those are some darn good Irish whoopies - Bailey's Irish Cream filled Chocolate Whoopie Pies, to be exact. Just trying to make friends at the office through their tummies. Why not, it worked with Josh.

And that's not all, yesterday I went to a St. Patrick's Day Sprinkles Party at Cupcake Royale with my friend Tricia and her little girl, Kaia. Kaia took all of three minutes to frost and destroy her cupcake. It was cute, she had "happy messy face" going on. 

For dinner, I said screw corn beef and cabbage, and made Shepard's pie. It seemed pretty Irish to me with the potatoes. Sorry, no photo, we devoured it instead. 

Of course, I busted out my green and celtic jewelry like a good Irish lass. All in all, a good St. Patrick's Day. And I can say I did all my St Patrick's Day things - green, jewelry, food, O'Neill. Done, done, and done.

I hope you had the luck o' the Irish today!