My 2 Year Work-iversary

Well, time certainly flies. Two years ago today I started working at Responsys. Crazy, huh? My first day was actually in Chicago for training. Remember?

And here I was 1 year ago on My 1 year Work-iversary.

I know this is so cliche but the best thing about my job is the people. My co-workers are great, and it makes going into work each day so much better. We like each other so much that we even hang out to do artsy-fartsy stuff over the weekend sometimes, like Wayzgoose.

Responsys has been a fun company to work at - always working to be the best. They host an annual conference call Interact that I attended last year. There was Captain "Sully" there to inspire us, and Michael Franti to make us dance. 

Anyway, here I am at my 2 year Worki-versary with Responsys. We are now becoming Oracle, so this is my last year at Responsys in a way. Bittersweet. 

Well, I'm gonna keep this short since I'm tried after a long day at work. HA!

On an ending note, here's me working away at my desk today. With a thanks to my co-worker, Yeji, who didn't judge when I asked her to take a picture. I told her I had friends that wanted to see me at work (that would be you).

P.S. Did you notice the sun in the window? Awesome! Good stuff for March.