Parents in Town

I told you, right? I didn't? Are you sure? Shame on me for forgetting to tell you. My parents were in town the other weekend - the last weekend of February. Sadly, I didn't take many photos. I don't know why. I regret it. So, you get more words than photos time time (as to opposed to last time).

While it rained almost the whole time (hello, this is Seattle in February), but we still had a great time. We were originally going to head out to Port Townsend, but changed our minds Saturday morning because of the rain. Instead we opted for adventure closer to home. 

Saturday started with breakfast at Macrina, my parent's favorite bakery. My dad says his three favorite things about Seattle are: (1) his daughter & son-in-law, (2) the bakeries, and (3) the restaurants. I think 2 and 3 are probably the same. Coming from my dad, that's a huge compliment. We'll take it. Anyways, you get the idea: bakeries are important when they visit.

Then we ventured out to West Seattle. You can just hop over the bridge and get there from downtown in a few minutes. There are some cute shops on California Avenue. My dad's favorite was the wine shop - big surprise. Both parents liked Click! Josh and I enjoyed Fleurt. And we all enjoyed the antique and other shops. We replenished ourselves with lunch at Circa

After lunch, we wandered back across the bridge to SODO for the afternoon for a distillery tour and tasting. We stopped at Letterpress Distilling for a taste of delicious Limoncello. It was so good that it brought me back memories of sunny, warm days in Italy. ((Sigh...))

Skip, the owner and master distriller, was there and showed us around. He pointed out the huge vat of lemon zest with vodka marinating, and the hand-held zest machine he uses. It's a small shop, but dang good stuff, so we bought a bottle. Yum!

Next we headed over to Westland for a tour and single malt whiskey tasting. The Westland plant (store? facility? whatever you call it) is gorgeous. I loved their logo and "Thoughtfully Made" slogan (geeky, I know). Josh and I got some cool t-shirts.

The tour was fun, free, and informative. A great rainy day activity. The day we were there they just released their peated malt whiskey. I tasted it, and it was pretty smokey and peaty. I think we all liked their single malt whiskey the best. 

That was pretty much our Saturday (let's skip over the food poisoning that happened to me that night -yuck).

Sunday was a short day because my parents had to drive down to Portland for a conference my dad's work. My mom and I got mani pedis, we spend some time in Ballard for lunch, and then a pit shop at the Book Larder, a book store for cookbooks, for my mom to get the Macrina cookbook. 

And that's about it. A good weekend with my parents. Maybe next time they'll come in the summer for some good Seattle weather. Can't beat our summers here.