Random Acts of the Month: May

Need I say it? I say it every month. Okay, I'll just say it. How is it June already?! 

June is a good month though, so I'm not disappointed. But May was full of fun, so let's not just throw it aside so quickly. Let me tell you about some of it.

We went to my co-workers boat house (aka floating home) to watch Seattle's Opening Boat Day. Yes, it's a thing - boats go on parade, there is a race, and all sorts of boat things. It was also my first time in a boat house (you know, like in Sleepless in Seattle). 

Oh Hello Robin...we found a delicious cookie and ice cream sandwich shop called Hello Robin. Cookie flavors like lemon poppy seed, orange jalapeรฑo chocolate chip, and mackelmore.

We explored Luther Burbank Park one fine, sunny day. 

I went on a business trip out to New York for a few days. I didn't get much sight seeing in, but I caught a few sights in the evening. I wrote all about it

We had a lovely dinner and cocktail at Roux, which is just as good as any NYC restaurant. So there. This little delight was A Necessary Means. In my mind: totally necessary. 

For Memorial Day, we went out for a drive on Chuckanut Drive. Can't beat our wonderful State. See more of my photos and thoughts on my post

On the Chuckanut Drive, we also came across some paragliders landing. Pretty cool.

I've been using this app/site called Sosh, and found some fun activities such as Schimitz Preserve Park. It turned out to be a nice walk, and very green. 

And a sunny afternoon in West Seattle is quite nice. 

Of course, I did some baking. I need to do another Baker's Corner! This recipe used cherries. And my other favorite spring/summer ingredient: lemon. Yum!

I also went down to Pleasanton for another client visit. My co-worker insisted on stopping at Freebirds Burritos after just having lunch with the client. Oye!

We found the marina area near us in Magnolia, and enjoyed a lunch at Maggie Bluffs with a view out to the marina, cruise ship, and water.

And to end May, some dangling shoes. 

And that does it for May. I don't know about you, but I like these little recaps. Sometimes I feel like a boring person (after seeing cool things others do on Facebook and Instragram), but this helps me remember that I do some pretty neat things.