Josh's New Specs

Last month Josh broke his glasses. Unfortunately, at a concert they fell off and basically got trampled on. The poor glasses. On the bright side, he was still able to wear them until we were able to get replacements. 

He decided to use Warby Parker to find his next pair of glasses. The service is pretty neat. You pick out five pairs of glasses on their website, and they ship the sample glasses to you for free. If you have a hard time deciding which glasses to pick, you can upload a photo and try them on digitally before selecting your favs.

Josh picked his favorites, and then the samples were on their way to our house. We are suckers for good packaging, so we were happy to see the way Warby presented itself at our doorstep.  

You open the box, and there are the five samples for you to try on in at home. Again, nicely done presentation. We're liking what we see (get it, "what we see" - I'm so witty, wink wink).

Josh modeled all the glasses on. The photo shows the top three. The fourth shows the broken glasses for comparison. Oh, the decisions! What pair do you think he chose? There was a pair that he really liked that I didn't. Can you guess which pair? 

The pair he liked that I didn't was the third from the left. That leaves two. Can you guess?

I'll give you a hint. He seems to be smiling more in the photo.

One more second to make a decision.

Got it?

Okay - here is the winner:


Did you get it right? Well done! (or not)...

Once you decide, you send all the samples back to Warby. Then you hop online, tell them your pick, share your prescription, and then they ship you your new glasses. Easy breezy.

I am still getting used to the new look, but it's a fun change. 

And Warby...well done.