Random Acts of the Month: August

Okay, I admit it. I'm a wannabe photographer (or, let's say aspiring photographer...I like the sounds of that much better). As I've been learning, I've been told that you need to take a lot of photos to get a few goods ones. That means I whip out my camera everywhere. I'm pretty certain that this annoys the heck out of Josh. In fact, I have photos of him sticking out his tongue or frowning. But I caught him the other day looking through all my Instagrams and enjoying the memories. 

The point in telling you all this is: I have a lot of photos. And I sometimes one photo doesn't justify an entire post. That's why I'm doing these random acts of the month...because I want to share all my random photos. 

Here's my randomness for August! 

We tried a new Mexican restaurant for lunch called TNT Taqueria. And we discovered the most delicious churros. Horchata and churros on a hot August day was heavenly. 

One weekend we found ourselves in Pioneer Square around lunch time. As we figured out where to eat, I saw this "Just be your Selfie" sign. Now that definitely called for a selfie.

On that same outing, we found our lunch place, The London Plane. I fell in love with the atmosphere of this restaurant. I was wondering around as we waited for a table, and turned and smiled at myself. (Note: This restaurant was recently a nominee in Bon Appetit for American's best restaurant in 2014).

Outside of The London Plane (yes, I was picture crazy that day) was a cute, little dahlia cart. Adorbs.

Okay, last one from that afternoon (gosh, maybe this did have enough for it's own post...oh well). This was a shot as we walked in the alley. Pioneer Square has the coolest architecture!

My office participated in the Wayzgoose event again this year. We got runner up with this awesome print. But I already told you all about this awesomeness

We went to the Seattle Street Food Festival with our friends Aaron & Liddy. Food trucks are the hip thing now. We're so cutting edge!

We randomly stopped at Kerry Park, and it just so happened to be the day before the super moon. I didn't have my camera, but my iPhone did a pretty good job. Check out some of these super moon photos in Seattle...super moon is super cool. 

We stopped for lunch in Fremont and came across this awesome graffiti. I was feeling pretty hipster with my hat and all the graffiti. 

We meandanered over the water to Kirkland to check out Lady Yum since I go gaga over macarons. The flavors were awesome. Besides the below, here's another photo (via Instagram) with me be artsy-fartsy.

My office went out to a Sounders Game. We're such cool Katz. Read more about it.

We went out again to Vashon to see the sheepdog trials. Remember it from last year? I'll share more about this outing later. Smart dogs rule!

This was a wonderful Friday treat at the office...Yellow Leaf Cupcakes. And look at that fab view from my desk.

Look at this catch? Isn't he so handsome? I enjoyed some tapas and wine with this fine fellow at Bottle House.

Roar! Or maybe it's a meow? But meow doesn't sound so fierce. We caught a glimpse of this leopard at Point Defiance Zoo. But I'll tell you more about this day later.

And I'll end with another gorgeous Seattle sunset.

Goodbye August!