Random Acts of the Month: December 2014

Dang, December was jam packed with fun and adventure. When I think about all the things we did, I get a bit tired. It was sooo worth it, though. There was lots of travel, cooking, eating, and time with friends and family. I don't think it's much of a stretch to say it was my favorite month of 2014 (of course, my love for Christmas certainly helped).

Here's my new approach to the Random Acts of the Month series. Fingers crossed you like it. 

Okay, I know you're dying to know what all the photos are, so starting with the top left. Then to the right and down by row. 

  • Una Noche en Espana at Hipcooks with my co-workers.  We were stirring up some lovely sangria in that photo. Read the post.
  • Imagine Dragons rocked it at Deck the Hall Ball. Read the post.
  • Exploring Death Valley with my hubby and in-laws. Our after Christmas trip!
  • For my mom's birthday, my parents and sister visited us in Seattle. Together we went on a weekend getaway to Orcas Island, which is part of the San Juans. It was completely beautiful. 
  • You can't have Christmas without Christmas cookies. My favorite cookie this year was the gingerbread macarons made by yours truly. Read the post (plus more cookies).
  • In-N-Out, now that's what a hamburger is all about. We spent some holiday time with my parents in San Marcos (North County San Diego) and ate some California food (and it wasn't avocados).
  • We saw A Christmas Story at the Seattle 5th Avenue Theater with my family when they were in town. The production was really well done, and it was a ton of fun. Don't shoot your eye out!
  • A lovely family photo on Christmas morning.
  • More Orcas Island beauty. Ahh, sigh.
  • Keely, my parent's Golden Retriever! She is such a love. I want a dog!!!!
  • The Sand Dunes in Death Valley. 
  • We stayed at the Outlook Inn on Orcas Island. I would definitely recommend it. It was a great room, and the view in the morning was even better.
  • Scotty's Castle in Death Valley. A post to come as Death Valley Part 2. 
  • Oh, hello there.
  • I had a blast at our Oracle Christmas Cookie Swap. I made the chocolate cookie at the bottom, a peppermint crinkle. Yum!
  • The O'Neill family Christmas tree. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...you know where I'm going with that...
  • A pot of coffee at our favorite Encinitas coffee shop, Lofty Bean. Oh man, those salted caramel lattes are heaven.
  • Driving to Orcas Island!

See what I mean...a busy month. A fantastic way to end the year 2014!