Random Acts of the Month: October 2015

Here I am again with my jaw dropping at how another month has flown by. Seriously, it's crazy that it's already November. It really feels like it should only be September. Before I know it we'll be celebrating the new year (and a baby about to arrive). 

Writing this October look back made me realize how utterly behind I am on my blog. I still need to continue telling you about our babymoon and about my San Diego baby shower. Plus there are other random things still to share like fall sweets I've baked or quick dinner ideas. If only I had more time! Well, for now, let's keep it simple and share some photos from October.

Here's a few smiles from the babymoon. One photo from each city: Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine. Those popsicles were delicious, by the way. I had a pumpkin popsicle since I'm pumpkin obsessed.

My co-workers totally surprised me with a baby shower. Look at my surprise face - yes, I actually put my hands up to my face in utter surprise. They brought in all the stops with cute decorations and blue mini cupcakes (from Trophy Cupcake - da bomb). Boy do I have some very thoughtful, generous, and kind co-workers (friends, really). 

I told you I was pumpkin obsessed. Do you see that delicious pumpkin crumpet? It was heavenly. They are serving it at a new place in Queen Anne called Queen Bee Cafe. Then I got together with my friend, Sarah, and we made these awesomely delicious Melt In Your Mouth Pumpkin Cookies. They were pretty easy to make and seriously do melt in your mouth. 

Oh, and I do eat none pumpkin things (sometimes). Like that bowl of chicken pho. We found our new favorite Vietnamese place called Bahn Town. It was just what we needed on a cool, fall day with our sniffly colds. Yup, both of us had colds - boo. 

And I can't let a month go by without some Asha pup photos. She's growing up so fast. 10 months now! Our friends got her that little doggie bed when they were gracious enough to dog sit while we were on our babymoon. She L-O-V-E-S this bed. It's her little snuggle zone. We have to tote it around the house so she can sleep on it when we're in different parts of the house.

So there we have it, October. It probably went by so fast since we had a great month - time really does fly when you're having fun. Looking back like this makes me realize how wonderful life is. 

Go enjoy November, my friends. I'll report back soon.