Preggo Update: Second Trimester

Whoa...pull the reins. Slow. it. down. The second trimester is over. For realsies? I can't believe it. This is starting to get way real now.

So yea, the transition to the third trimester has caused me to freak out a wee bit. I have this urge to do everything NOW. Luckily, Josh is a calming force in my life - and probably why we do well together. Getting a to-do list together has helped, but I keep adding stuff. 

But, the second trimester was the best so far (ha, first trimesters, you stink). I felt great for starters. It also was a period where I really started to grow and show. I now definitely look pregnant. I'm at the point, though, where the growing can stop. This is good. I'm fine right here; no need to get bigger. But I don't think my body or B3 (B3 = Baby Boy Brown) will listen.

Here's a few highlights of the second trimester:

  • Week 20 Ultrasound: It's crazy what you can see - hands, feet, face - it's amazing. We were astounded by it all. Simply amazing. The little foot photo is in my collage below.
  • Babymoon: This was such a wonderful, and much needed trip. Before B3 decided to show up, we were planning on Croatia. But, international travel didn't seem like the best idea so we stuck with US travel. We went for good ole South hospitality and traveled to Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine. I plan on write some more posts, but this was the first one for a sneak peek
  • Baby Shower: I felt so blessed with all the family and friends that showed up to celebrate B3. Some folks even flew to come - that's incredible. We had a lovely high tea themed shower and it was so amazing. Not to mention, we got a lot of gifts to help us start our family journey.
  • Signs of Life: Wow. Just wow. At week 21 I started to feel the little peanut with some kicks and punches. Now, he's moving quite a bit. I smile to myself every time I feel him; it's so reassuring and amazing. It's also a bit freaky and alien-ish, but it's great. 

Those highlights made me feel better. Okay, I'm ready to tackle the third trimester. You've got this Heather (heehee).