Soon to be Four

You are reading that title correctly. Soon there will be FOUR Browns in this family. Josh, Heather, Caleb, and....another little boy! Baby Boy Brown #2 is expected sometime late November or early December -- official due date is December 2nd, 2018 (we'll see!).

It seems not so long ago we were announcing my first pregnancy and birth of Caleb. Now, we're adding another to our family crew. We're all very excited and can't wait to meet this little guy. I'll try to keep you in the loop as the year progresses! 

Caleb Update: 25 to 28 Months

Have you missed the monthly Caleb updates? I have, but I'm his mom and I love anything that involves Caleb. It's a mom thing. May I also say, how has it been four and half months since I wrote one of these posts? I totally intended to do it quarterly, but somehow that slipped. But, have you been to my lastly blog adventure, Raising Tacoma? I'm trying hard to post weekly there. Plus, if it's Caleb photos you're looking for, he's the star of that blog basically. 

Caleb has grown and developed a bunch since my last post. Doesn't he look like a little man now? To keep up with his constant growing, I do two things: (1) I write little notes throughout the month on my "notes" app about things he is doing hence the bullets you see here. Then (2) I got thorugh periodically and pick my favorite photos and save them to a "CAB Favs" album in my Photos. Hopefully I appreciate all this effort sometime. Actually, I already am in a way! 

28 Months (May 2018-partial since we're still in May)

  • Words: Smoke (he's really into Fire Engines right now and putting out fires), ball, shark
  • Stairs without using his hands to holding on (mostly, sometimes I reaches for him hand)
  • Shaking hands with people. If Josh and/or I shake someones hand, he needs to shake it as well.
  • When being scolded, he starts kissing my face all over. Ahhh, how can you stay mad/stern???!!!
  • Jumping off and climbing everything. This scares mom everytime; he's taken some big tumbles. He's definitely better at both, though.

27 Months (April 2018)

  • Words: Ball, poop, Mimi & Papa (Grandparents names), hot, mine/me, help, milk
  • Favorite phrase: “Ok mommy” / “Ok daddy” / “Daddy Mommy”
  • Foods: Taken to liking his mom’s granola.
  • If he sees a scratch or bruise on mom or dat, he'll kiss it (Mom kisses his hurts, so I guess he feels we need it, too)
  • Came running out naked into the kitchen for me, brought me into the bathroom, & show he’d peed. I think potty training will happen soon.
  • Double feet jumping - oh boy! Jump over and off everything.

26 Months (March 2018)

  • Words: Purple, blue, green, hot (fires are HOT HOT HOT), sock
  • Food of any kind and water is called "Nom Noms"
  • Loves to put his hands in his socks 
  • Enjoys holding dandelions and keeps them in his hands for a long time and/or gives them to mama
  • Holding onto gummy vitamins, yogurt raisins, m&ms (little foods) in hand for ~30+ minutes. Ha!
  • Trying to use fingers to show 1-2-3 

25 Months (February 2018)

  • Word: Hat, up, duck, broke, bye bye, cheese, stuck or truck?, hook
  • Calls his diaper "bubble" - not sure why???
  • Said “Bye Bye Daddy” & “hi daddy” / “hi mama”
  • Another top canine teeth came in
  • Walking steps up/down with railing
  • Imitating Asha: Squatting when the dog poops, bending to drink from the dog bowl, or sticking his tongue out panting
  • All women are Mom & all men are Dad
  • Fish go "blub blub blub"
  • Flight-compliment to me/mama: "I can tell you’re a good mom; your son is so well behaved!" (go me!)

24 Months (Jan 2018)

  • Words: Nom nom (“Mom, nom nom”), bubble, duck, Shhh (Asha), Ack or Gawk (truck) 
  • Pulling the Radio Flyer wagon & lying flat in it
  • Dancing - especially with his toy guitar jamming and jumping on the couch while nodding his head
  • Nap was pushed to 1pm (from 12pm) - Terrible 2-year sleep regression!
  • Bottom canine teeth breaking through
  • Started gymnastics class
  • Upped to a size 6 shoe size

New Years, Getaways, and Grandparents

A few days after Grandpa Don and Grandma Nada left, Grandpa John and Grandma Jan arrived. They came up to visit for New Years and for Caleb's Birthday. We had a great time having them visit. They even babysat Caleb overnight so this mama and dad could sneak in our first night away from Caleb and have a getaway! 

New Years 

Guess what a mom and dad do for New Year's Eve with an almost-two-year old? Nothing. We go to bed at 10:30pm, open our eyes due to fireworks and then close them again. Then you wake up and it's another day. Who's with us on this one? 

But we did have a fun last day of 2017. Grandpa and Grandma O'Neill joined us for a trip to Point Defiance Zoo on a beautiful day. So clear that you could see Mount Rainier. It always appears so much smaller in your photos then it is in real life. The elephants and walruses were a hit as was a ride on the carousel. Weee! 

Basically Another Christmas

Considering Grandpa John and Grandma Jan's visit was so close to Christmas, we basically celebrated it again. I got to make the meal I had actually planned for Christmas since we finally got our oven (read about the oven fiasco on this post). It was delicious! And Caleb got MORE presents. 

Our Getaway

Since Grandpa John and Grandma Jan were game for a night with Caleb, Josh and I decided to take a night away from the little guy for the first time since he was born. We opted to stay nearby...just in case. We chose to stay in Gig Harbor at Raft Island. We found the most darling AirBnB. It was decorated with a nautical theme and still had Christmas decorations. 

Raft Island reignited our love for exploration. We had no idea this little island existed. It is a small island about 15-minutes from all the Gig Harbor action. You just cross a small bridge and you're on this quite, beautiful island. It was our little sanctuary for the night. It seems secluded and romantic yet not far away from fun activities (and home).

During our getaway we enjoyed a nice dinner and then saw the third movie we've been to in two years (others movies included Beauty and the Beast and Dunkirk). We saw The Last Jedi. It seemed fitting since it was New Year's Day and the last Star Wars film we saw in the theaters was The Force Awakens which we saw New Years Eve 2015. It just so happened the next day the story of Caleb began. Caleb must be bound to like Star Wars.

We spend the morning in downtown Gig Harbor. We ate at the pizza place I've wanted to try in forever, but has been impossible with a noon nap schedule. We also enjoyed a sampling at Heritage Distilling


Caleb spent some fun times with the wagon with Grandpa John and Grandma Jan. We also took them to the Children's Museum for a fun afternoon. It was a great visit, as always!

Instagram Best

So 2017 was pretty awesome. I took lots of photos, as usual. Here's the most liked from Instagram. Caleb, family, and food...seems about right.  

And now we can move into 2018 fun and posts!! 

Snapshot of our 2017 Christmas

Well, gosh, this is embarrassing. I'm only just now posting about our Christmas. It was super busy, but it was wonderful. We watched Christmas movies, listened to Christmas music, ate cookies, and most importantly, cherished our time together as a family. We loved that we were able to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Brown. Having family at Christmas is so special.

Caleb was pretty stoked about Christmas. I think every third picture has him throwing his arms up in excitement. He wanted to help everyone unwrap their gifts and was thrilled with each gift he received. He was at the cutest age for Christmas. We loved watching him!

I got hasty there just jumping immediately to Christmas. Let's step back and look at all the Christmas preparations and festivities.

For Christmas Eve, we all went to the Christmas Eve service at our church, Resurrection Church. It started to snow during the service!

Later that night, Grandpa Don and Josh put their handyman hats on and put together Caleb's train table gift. Go Team Brown!

The snow continued through the night and Christmas morning came as a white Christmas. I've never had a white Christmas and it just made it that much more fun. But more surprising for Caleb was to wake up and discover a blanket of gifts under the tree and a totally awesome train table. Check out his Christmas morning video.

For our family, Christmas gifts are opened Christmas morning. We were all smiles! 

We took advantage of the snow and went for a fun, little walk. This wasn't Caleb's first snow experience, but it probably felt like it for him. He was so young last year when it snowed. He was unsure about it on his rain boots, but otherwise seemed to think it was pretty cool.

Before Christmas, we got to see some good friends of the Brown family up in Seattle. 

Josh, Caleb, and I also got to see our good friends, Jeff and Melissa, with their son, Thomas. They were in town for the holidays and we got brunch and a quick stop at the park together (but ultimately, too cold to be outside for long!). If you can't tell, Thomas is Caleb's doppelganger. 

Photos thanks to Jeff Herbage

Caleb is in a major train kick right now. We all went to the Model Train Exhibit in town and he LOVED it. Chooo Chooo! Chugga Chugga! (That's all Caleb seems to say these days)

After Christmas, and after Grandma and Grandpa Brown had headed back home, we got in a lovely family walk at Titlow Park. We got to see a beautiful a rainbow!

Then there was the oven fiasco. OMG, friends. This is the longest, most annoying story. So our oven broke the first week of December. Of all the time in the year, it broke during the highest oven-needed month. UGH! The stove worked, but the oven wasn't heating. We had some repair guys come look to discover there was an electrical fire in the wires where you turn the knobs. It was going to cost more to fix the oven than to replace it, unfortunately. 

So we decided we would make the switch to gas. We had a plumber come get a gas hook-up for us (yes, a plumber, they do this apparently). When he was in our crawlspace, he found a leak from a corroded pipe with a HUGE crack. So we had to fix that. (Not sure why the guys we had come out to get rid of the mice didn't see that down there *scratching our heads*).  Then when the plumber pushed our stove back into place, the stovetop cracked and became unusable. 

We bought a stove/oven from Best Buy. It was a great deal, but when we came home we realized it wouldn't fit with the microwave cabinet that's above the oven. (side note: Josh went to go back to Best Buy, and his car wouldn't work). Finally, we found a gas stove that would fit, but it was more money they we had hoped since we needed a special kind that isn't as widely available. 

Story goes, Best Buy comes to deliver - days later than they could originally since they messed up - only to discover they packed the truck with a washer. They didn't know where our oven was! Luckily, it was found again. And they delivered it the Friday after Christmas (it was supposed to be delivered before Christmas, mind you). So no cooking for Christmas except for a hot pot and crockpot. 

And that's that. I immediately made Christmas cookies (after Christmas) and a loaf of bread. I missed my oven. This one is pretty awesome, though.

Long story--and that was my effort to shorten it...I warned you.

Caleb's 24 Month Update

Here we are at two years old. He's such little toddler and it warms my heart. Yesterday, he actually started to participate in the Wee Ones class at the Children's Museum. He's growing up right before our eyes. I would say these two years went by fast, but time with a baby/toddler is a a weird thing. It seems fast if I just quickly think about it. However, with further thought of all the days, all changes, the struggles, and all the joys, it also seems incredibly long. Life before Caleb seems like a different reality, a different life. Does that even make sense? I guess that's why everyone says. "the days are long but the years are short." I totally get that now. Eh, I'm getting way to deep here, I'll stop.

Well, I think I am going to retire the blocks now. My thoughtful mother-in-law gifted them to us before he was born. They were the cutest thing to do each month. I will probably break them out again at 3 years and maybe even for the school years. I was shocked for this last photoshoot that he actually stood still. It was a miracle. I told him to go stand behind the blocks and HE DID! I almost fell backwards in shock, but not before grabbing a few snaps. The moment was fleeting, but luckily I did capture a few snaps before he grabbed the camera and decided he wanted to take the photos. The lure of pushing a button is too much for a toddler dude. (And side note: Are you as happy as me to get my DSLR camera back working?).

The above & below photo collages is what happens when you can't decide which photos you like the best. For each one I think, "well that shows his [fill in the blank] side." Like this determined nature, or silliness. He's such a character!

Monthly Update

Here's everything he's done during his 23rd month. 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

December was a great month full of spirit and joy. Grandma Nada and Grandpa Brown visited for Christmas. This Christmas so so much fun with Caleb. He was so excited about the tree, presents...everything. We had a great holiday season. And yes, I still need to write a blog post about Christmas. 

During Christmas, we went to the Model Train exhibit at the Tacoma History Museum. Caleb is on a serious train kick right now. Everything is choo choo. This basically blew his mind. I think it was paradise for him. 

Then Grandma Jan and Grandpa John came for New Years and Caleb's birthday. We spent New Years Eve at the Point Defiance Zoo, which also has a carousel. We had a great time together. 

He's Quite the Ham

This kid is fully of the sillies. I laugh everyday with him. I feel like these photos need captions. 

  • Caleb "drank" from the Starbucks cup ornament on the tree. 
  • Caleb decided to go into a dog bed at Petco while we waited for Asha's grooming to finish.
  • The stickers were given to him at USPS store. The lady put one on his hand. Then looked at it, smiled, and then gave her his other hand. He kept them on all day.
  • Stickers go on your face and the top of your feet...apparently.
  • Caleb enjoys sitting at the computer and pretending to type. The parental guide popped up, which I found hilarious.
  • Our oven broke (long story and frustrating). While we were at Best Buy looking at new stoves/ovens, Caleb thought it'd be fun to go inside a dryer. 
  • He will literally watch YouTube footage of trains. 
  • He makes a stink face on command. He also does this if you ask him to smile.

His Eating Habits...Mainly Cookies

I didn't give him cookies, but he suddenly developed an obsession for cookies. Everything is a cookie - crakers, circles, donuts. He is also very messy. He seems to suck on things rather than bite and chew. I'm not sure how to correct this one. Mom fail? 

Always Finding a way to Play

Wherever you are, Caleb will find a way to have fun. The store has a yoga mat, then let's lie down on it. Carts at Costco become rollercoasters. Or how about piling yogurt lids on your toy car?

Rolling with his Homies

We've made such great friends and it's such a delight to see Caleb interact with friends. He gets excited if you say we're seeing a friend, it's so cute. An older friend had a party at the local theater. We came at the end, so he had his first theater experience. He was unsure at first, but was having fun by the end. 

Those Eyes, That Smile

He has the most addictive laugh and smile. Such a joy., that's my middle name. I must have passed that on to him.

He'll wear any hat but his own

He'll wear mom's hat, dad's hat, the hat at the store...but NEVER his own hat. 

Caleb's Chalkboard 

I did this chalkboard infographic type thing for Caleb's first birthday, so here it is again!

Now we're living the life with a two year old. Hold on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride!

The big T-W-O

Can you believe it?! My little baby boy is two! TWO!!!! Of course, we had to celebrate with fun, friends, family, and treats. 

Poor guy, he basically has a holiday birthday. He was born January 2nd, so he's not quite a New Year's baby, but for me it all started on New Year's day so I say it counts. By his birthday, everyone is burnt out from Christmas and New Years. But this mom won't let the fun stop until after we party for his birthday! In fact, we celebrated twice - once on his actual birthday and again with friends at his party.

The Actual Birthday

This year Grandpa John and Grandma Jan were in town to help celebrate. Then Dad/Josh took the day off of work. Lots of family around to give Caleb birthday hugs and laughs.

As for treats, Caleb has two loves: frozen yogurt/ice cream and cookies. I think frozen yogurt beats ice cream only because it sticks to the spoon better so it's easier to eat. So, we all headed to Black Bear for some froyo. 

Caleb got some more gifts so we opened them. He LOVES his guitar from Grandma Nada and Grandpa Don. Seriously, he has his own jam sessions. Check out this video of him dancing

Grandma Jan and Grandpa John got him a wagon. We intended for him to sit and be pulled around, but he had something else in mind: pulling it. We should've know.  

I tried to get a cute picture of Caleb with this new sign, but he was more interested in playing with the sign. I usually take the birthday photos with the blocks, but the past few times he's thought it funny to knock them over - our wood floors fear him.

So the birthday was a nice day of treats, music, and wagon walks. 

The Big Party

Saturday, January 6th we celebrated his birthday with friends. We had the part at the Children's Museum of Tacoma. This is one of his favorite places - we go at least once a week. It seemed fitting (and easier than having it at home!). I called his party, "Ready TWO Play!" 

We partied for two hours. The first hour was in a party room. The kids played with play-doh, the parent's chatted, and then we all ate cookies.

Yup, cookies not cake. This kid loves cookies. It's probably the number one word used these days. He will randomly say it, too. Not to mention he thinks many things are cookies - crackers, circles, etc. He takes his fingers and pretends to eat and says, "cookie cookie cookie."  It's too freaking cute. So I put frosting on a cookie and used that for the candle. I made Cake Batter Chocolate Chip cookies and Funfetti Cookies Supreme. He grabbed both cookies - two hands, two cookies, two years. 

Here a video of us singing happy birthday to Caleb. I love how he sways with the singing and then tries so hard to blow out the candle.

Even though there is holiday burn out, we still had good friends show up to party! We are so thankful for such great friends. Caleb gets so excited these days when he hears his friend's name. We had Xola, Johann, Theo, Sebastian, and Liam. Yay for friends!

The second hour of the party was free play fun out in the museum. Caleb's face was red and flushed from all the running and playing...a true sign of a good time. He was all giggles. As we were all leaving, the kids all sat on the little blue couch and said, "cheese" for a picture. It was the cutest thing ever. 

Wow, just too much fun - this mom is tired out! But what a great celebration. Caleb is my little toddler, now. So grown up. We love him so much and can't believe how fast time has past. We are loving every minute with him (minus the tantrums...well ok, we will even take those as well, just because we love him that much). 

And I can't resist, here's Caleb at his two year check-up. He loved the paper on the bench. And he checked out great. Up to 8% from 2% in weight. Then up to 21% from 11% in height. My lower back knew he was growing. ;)

P.S. See all the birthday party photos here!

Caleb's 23 Month Update

As of December 2nd, we're at 23 months old. Can you believe it, only one more month and Caleb will be the big TWO?! Please tell me they won't be terrible. ;) This age has been particular fun - tiring for mom running after him - but he's totally got the cutest personality. 

The cutest development this past month is the animal noises. He loves the elephant, lion, monkey, and hyena noises the best. But his very favorite noise is the siren. He also loves to flop on soft things like piles of pillows and stuffed animals. 

Favorite Books this month: The Wheels on the BusCars! Cars! Cars!Push! Dig! Scoop!Duck in the Truck

My Sweetie

I know I'm his mother, but doesn't he just have the sweetest smile. It's so full of joy and love. 

Family Love

Caleb just loves his daddy. Throughout the work week, he'll babble about daddy. It's cute to see him watch daddy go to his car to take off for work. He waves and repeats, "daddy!" 

We got the opportunity to spend a week down in San Diego with Grandma Jan and Grandpa John. As always, we enjoyed some froyo/ice cream, hugs from the grandparents, and sunshine. 


You aren't a toddler if you aren't full of silliness, right? Caleb has plenty of it.

And it's so sad when fun is on the horizon only to find the zoo is closed. Look at that sad face at the gates. Don't worry, we got some fun in at the park instead.

Play Dates with Friends

These are the best, especially at friend's houses where we can play with all new toys (oh yea, the friends are pretty cool, too). 

First Hair Cut

It was bittersweet for me to see the baby curls shorten, but he's still got the cutest small curls going on. Surprisingly, he had a blast getting his hair cut. How could he not when they put him in a car, hand in trucks, and put on his current favorite show, Super Wings. He didn't want to leave! Thanks to Wild Child for making it a fun first hair cut experience.

Fun Fun Fun until you Drop

This kid would keep going and going and going if I didn't make him lie down to sleep. Why walk if you can run? Cars and trucks are awesome. And construction is fascinating. Oh, and water and puddles. So much fun to have in life. 

Wee Wee Wee

Favorite sweater. Spinning. Wee Wee Wee.

Wow, Christmas

This season has been a blast so far. He is way more into it than last year. Every time he sees a Christmas tree he says, "wow!" So full of wonder and spirits. 

Yay for a fun 23 months!

Caleb's 22 Month Update

22 months is just two months away from two years old. Not only is that a lot of two's to say in one sentence, but also crazy to think we'll have a two year old on our hands very soon. Will two be terrible? He's definitely got a personality of his own, but is pretty darn sweet most of the time (with some crazy toddler interspersed).

I do have to say, though, that this is Caleb's world and we're just living in it. Luckily, he makes a pretty fantastic world. 

He likes to build and knock down the month blocks these days. He is so proud when he stacks them. Those are proud faces in the photo. 

And here's what's happened this past month up to 22 months:

Parks and Recreation

For Caleb Parks and Recreation isn't a TV show, but real life. This month he discovered the joy of trampolines and obstacle courses at the YMCA toddler open gym time. He also loves piles of leaves and puddles, but he refuses to wear his jacket! 

My Little Guy

His smile warms my heart. It's amazing what I'll do to get him to laugh. He still does the "stink face" when asked (see bottom left photo). He enjoys rolling in the grass and throwing stones into the water. Of course, we need to check out any construction site as well.

Dog Love

Oh my goodness does Caleb love Asha. He wants to walk the dog, feed the dog, hug the dog, and sit wth the dog. When we first get home, he needs to greet the dog. And he's very motivated when you say, "let's go see the doggie, Asha." He loves other dogs when we're out and about, as well. In fact, he'll call out "doggie!" at the top of in lungs while running around. 

Pumpkin Patches

He discovered pumpkins this year and points to them whenever we say pumpkin. We enjoyed pumpkin patches and got to visit Spooner Farms and Picha's Farms. Read about it here! He also enjoyed wheelbarrows. 


Our favorites times are playtimes with buddies. He's really starting to play with others rather than alongside them. We joined friends at parks, zoos, at homes, at pumpkin patches, or the Children's Museum. Fun with friends is the best!


No stroller. No no no no no no no. But the walker toy is a big YES. He is a machine with the walker and he can go crazy fast with it. It just had to come on walks. Then we were gifted the radio flyer stroller/pusher and that maybe became just as awesome as the walker. 

And that's a monthly wrap. As they would say on one of Caleb's favorite shows, Chuggington, time is just chug chug chugging along!

Caleb's 21 Month Update

I can't believe I'm already writing a 21 month update. This month went crazy fast and a lot has happened. We went on our first big vacation as a family and it was perfection...uhh, well, except for the flight (but I'm trying to forgot that part). But I'm getting ahead of myself, I need to start with the usual block photos.

Every month I have to figure out a way to get a photo of Caleb with these blocks. It's tougher than you might imagine. This time I put on a TV show and put the blocks near the trains and cars. At least he wasn't throwing the blocks like usual, but rather using them for his cars and trains. 

Of course, there's all sorts of developmental things happening. It's amazing what can happen over the course of a month. My favorite thing he does right now is waiving to everyone and everything. He'll waive to people, buses, trains, name it. The "stink face" is pretty hilarious, though. It's hard to capture a photo of it, though.

Some other fun things that have happened not listed above:

  • Words: Wow, Okie Dokie, Go Go Go, No No No No No
  • Favorite Toys: Car jump, Wooden Train tracks, Walking Toy (an oldie but goodie)
  • Shoe Size: 5
  • Some Food Favs: Yogurt (duh), buttered peas, Hawaiian rolls, toast with cream cheese, toasted waffles
  • Books: Little Excavator, Fisher Price Little People On the Farm (look and find book)


We spent a wonderful week in Kauai with Grandma Nada and Grandpa Don. We had the best time ever. Hawaii is a great place for a toddler. We spent a ton of time at the beach and it was heavenly. See what we did and all the fun photos on my "Our Aloha Vacation" post. 


I don't know what we'd do without some of the great friends we've made. They really help Caleb and me get through the day - such great support and company. And the tots are slowly starting to learn to play together. 


This month we discovered the trampoline at the YMCA Toddler Time. He loves its! We spend an insane amount of time at the park. I'm scared for the coming rainy season! The slide is probably his favorite feature at the playground. Check out the static in his hair going down the slide! 

He is also into bikes. Not just his bike, but everyone's bike - and their helmets. We got him the Chillafish bike to start practicing for big boy bikes down the line. It's amazing how quickly they pick things up!

Let's Eat

Caleb is still Mr. Yogurt Face and has a yogurt every morning. He sucks these things down like mad. It only goes that he also loves frozen yogurt...just like his mama! He's doing better with food, but still rather picky. Another favorite, oddly, is buttered peas. And he loves cream cheese. He's such a funny little guy!

Stop to Smell the Flowers

One day we were playing in the backyard, and all of a sudden he realized we had a bed of dahlias and roses. He ran over and started pointing at them. I showed him how to smell the flowers, and now when we go on walks he'll often stop and smell a flower or two. 

The Everyday Stuff

One fun activity at home is looking out the front window. It's nice and big, so we get a view of walkers, cars, garbage trucks, cats, and so much more. This month we had a visitor, Mr. Squirrel. 

Pushing anything is still a favorite pastime. He loves to push the walker toy. It often comes along on our walks. 

And I still find his little feet too cute. 

Family Fun

Sometimes Caleb will be somewhere and just call out, "Dadda!" It's cute. He loves his daddy. And for me, well, he says momma ALL THE TIME. So I don't feel left out in that area. He also likes to put his sunglasses on me upside down. Go figure. And heaven forbid he wear his glasses (or hat, or jacket, or you name it).

We went to the zoo together as a family. Usually its just mom and Caleb, so it was fun to go as a family.

And on we march to the next month. I'm sure it'll be here before I know it. 

Caleb's 20 Month Update

Twenty months! Caleb is no longer in the teen months and he is creeping closer and closer to two years - yikes! 

I found myself looking at videos and photos of when Caleb was younger, and it's amazing to compare last year to this year. Not to mention, just how cute he keeps getting. He's my handsome pumpkin, sweetie, sweetie pie, sugar plum (yup, all names I call him). 

In my usual fashion I couldn't decide which photos to share, so you get them all. You better sit back as there is ton of photos here...

I officially feel like Lois in Family Guy now as it's mommy-mommy-mommy. Similarly, he also loves to say, "no no no no no." It's never just one no; always a series of no's. But he's doing such cute things, too. A favorite is when he blows on his food when I blow on it to cool it off. Or, how he'll stare endlessly at wheels and gears trying to understand. The cutest of all is his giggling, though.

Playtime is Funtime

Playtime is the best. He still loves to push his dump truck around everywhere. He figured out how to ride the motorbike, too. And he definitely understands when I say, "let's go to the park" because he'll say "OK" and then immediately run for his shoes. 

That water pump blew his mind! And the magnetic board was the longest he has stayed in one spot...ever. 


I love that he's getting more interested in reading. It's mostly all trucks, cars, and dogs, but hey it's reading! Favorite books right now include: Little Blue Truck, Trucks, Toot Toot Beep Beep, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, and Harry the Dirty Dog. Look, he was even reading in the car!

VW Bus Toy

This is a current favorite toy. It was actually something Josh owned pre-Caleb, then Caleb found it and it became his bus. He takes it everywhere - car, bath, even to bed. He pushes it around and says, "beep beep!" What is it with boys and cars? 

O'Neill Grandparents Visit 

It was so much fun having Grandma Jan and Grandpa John in town. Not to mention, it meant his very own gelato courtesy of Grandpa John, haha.  (Gosh I still have to write a post about their visit! Yikes!)

Mommy and Me 

I just love this little guy. I feel so lucky that I get to enjoy so much time with him.  

Daddy and Me

Caleb loves his Daddy! It's cute and a little heartbreaking when he watches dad leave in the morning. But we love our family weekend time together. 


We have made so many great friends. It's cool because the kiddos are starting to interact more rather than just playing in the same room. We hosted a summer toddler time at the park and also had our out-of-town friends, Jeff, Melissa, and Thomas visit. Oh, and we are so lucky to have some neighbors with kids, which is awesome!

New Experiences

Well, a new experience plus something that's not going to happen again for a long time: the eclipse. We got to see about a 94% eclipse. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo to join in all the fun with other viewers (and since we didn't have glasses at home - dang, those thing sold out fast!).

Caleb also got to enjoy his first ferry ride. We went to Vashon Island with Grandma Jan & Grandpa John. Such fun!

Walking and Exploring

If there is one things about Caleb, it's that he loves to explore and see new things. He wants to see all the things and do all the stuff. I love it when he sees something and says, "wow!" And Caleb prefers to say "heck no" (he doesn't really say that, btw). Why sit when you can walk. Now, if only he'd listen to me and stay close by. When do they start listening to you? (wait, don't answer that.) But he is definitely Mr. Curiosity! 


Well, he's definitely his mom's son and has a sweet tooth, especially soft serve! The joy in his face when he eats ice cream or froyo is the best. He also discovered chocolate - he grabbed the last two bites of my chocolate chip cookie and gobbled it up while giggling and running around the house. 

The Sillies 

Such a silly guy (yup, I intentionally put this photo set after sweets, wink wink). He loves putting my shoes on his feet and putting things on his head (tupperware, buckets, drums) except for hats made for him - only mom or dad's hat. The red tupperware is his favorite to put on his head. The photo with the yogurt stash and tupperware hat is classic Caleb.

This and That

He is quite the helper (cough cough) in the yard and kitchen. Also, he got to see more of his Croatian roots at the Croatian festival (which was mainly just eating some food and then hightailing it to the park next door). 

He discovered a love for stuffed animals and will point at every truck/car/bus that goes by (check out the center photo - he's very focused on a bus). And sometimes you just need to take a break and lie down flat on the floor. 

This kid, I tell you...such a joy! 

Caleb's 19 Month Update

At 19 months, Caleb is now officially headed towards the big two and I'm sure it'll be here before we know it. He is definitely a toddler and loves to run, climb, point, tumble, tantrum, and "talk." I love his little wisps of hair and goofy personality. And, of course, the monthly block photos just get harder and harder. This time he thought throwing them on the hardwood floors would be a good idea. 


Everyone loves bloopers, right? I get a lot of those when trying to take Caleb's monthly photos. Here's a few favorites:

Nothing too crazy new over the past month. Still lots of "ohs" and "okays" and some more teeth popped in on the bottom. Josh was happy to see him eat meat like sausage, ground beef, and meatballs...thata boy. 


Playtime is the best time. Caleb couldn't think of anything better than spending an afternoon at the park. Well, I take that back. Trucks and cars would be pretty good ways to spend the day, too.

Oh, and a new game in the locker room - hid in the locker and then bang on it. Fun.

On the Go

Always on the go. Never stop. Only pause to point at something or check it out, otherwise just go-go-go. Many of my photos are of his back since he runs off as soon as his feet hit the ground.


We both love hanging with our peeps. We had some good times with our friends this past month. And of course, Caleb got some quality time with Asha. 

Nom Nom Nom

Caleb's favorite food is still fruit especially blueberries. Sadly, the blueberries on our bush are slowly disappearing for the season. :( We did get him to eat some meat this month, which was awesome. I think he was growing and having a protein craving since he stopped eating it after a week (mom shaking her head in frustration!). He also loves ice cream and froyo, so I know he's definitely taken up some of mom's favorites.

Too Cute

Ok, he wasn't really a naughty boy, but it was too good of a photo opportunity to pass up. It was a chair in a restaurant here in Tacoma.

We also introduced him to spray parks. He was a bit unsure about surprise water coming out of the ground, but I'm sure it'll soon be his favorite summer activity.

Mama and Papa

Good times with mama and papa. He was a trooper and went to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with me. We got him some cute new shoes, but that's about all we could manage at the store. He'd rather spend time exploring or eating ice cream.

My cutie pie is growing up so fast and we love him to pieces!

Caleb's 18 Month Update

I seriously feel like I just wrote one of these month updates. And now Caleb has reached 18 months old -- that's 1-1/2 years. It really blows my mind, especially if I look back at a photo from last June. How much and how quickly these little ones grow. It's so amazing! 

I have to say, my favorite thing that Caleb does right now is ask to be picked up and then reaches out for the other parent and then wraps his arms around both of us in a big, family hug. He also grabbed both of our legs and hugs us. Oh my heart. Also, his kisses. I melt. 

Although sometimes when he wants to be picked up, he just wants to be carted around while he points and jammers at us to show him, take him, or give him something like a little prince. 

He's definitely in toddler-land now with tantrums and shaking his head no. Yes, I have now been the mom in the grocery store with the kid that's crying/screaming and turns into a rag doll when you try to pick them up. He does not want to be strapped down, especially not in a cart when there are things on the ground to explore. If I do let him down, he goes along and picks up groceries. For instance, two hug soy sauce jars, ribs, prepared mashed potatoes, and Ruffles were all placed in our cart at some point in our last shopping trip. 

But the hugs, kisses, laughs, and smiles make all the toddler moodiness disappear for me. 

Time with Mom & Dad

I know his joy of being with mom & dad won't last forever, so I better soak it all in now. My favorite is our afternoon froyo dates. 

Family & Friends

We love to hang out with friends - this month we saw Finely as well as Kaia and Matthew. 

And we also got to visit Grandma Jan & Grandpa John down in San Diego (see the post here). He just loves his grandparents. 

Just One Cute Guy

I realize I am biased, but isn't he just too freaking cute. His hand is in his mouth a lot these days - those dang teeth keep popping up!

Playtime and Gardens

Caleb likes to type on the computer and be like dad. Not sure what he's typing up, but it's serious business. But even more fun, is playing on the bed and plopping down on pillows. Heck, yes. 

Dirt and rocks are also fun to play with in the garden (he even tries to eat them, but mom doesn't allow it to Caleb's disappointment). 


If it has an incline, he will climb. Stairs are the best, though. 

Favorite Toy

Oh my gosh, this car. He LOVES it. We have to hide it each night so he doesn't see it in the morning. Otherwise, it would be straight to playtime without breakfast. He'll push it, want to be pushed, climb on it, pretend steer it (like a crazy man), bring things into the's the best toy ever, bar none.

Speaking of cars, this kid just loves anything with wheels. Actually, wheels, gears, or things that can be pushed or spun. He has such a curious mind and is so interested in figuring out how things work. I'm not sure if this is a normal kid thing or not, but it's so cool to see his so focused and interested in things. Maybe we've got a future engineer on our hands.

The Park

There are lots of parks in Tacoma, which is good since Caleb loves the park. If he sees a park now and we don't stop, he gets a bit upset. His favorite is probably the swing, but also climbing up to the slide is a close second. Of course, we go down the slide on our belly, feet first. It's the best way to slide.

Such a Ham

I can tell Caleb has a good sense of humor, and a goofy one at that (yea, kinda like his parents). It's hilarious when he sees something good or interesting and his mouth goes round and he says, "ohhhh!"

Ice Cream

This kids loves ice cream and froyo. He gets pretty serious about it with double spoons. Lots of focus in that face, right? I shared my ice cream with him on his 18 month birthday, and then later we paid for it with a crazy sugar high toddler. Worth it, though.

Yummy in my Tummy

Caleb's all time favorite food: blueberries. Then followed by any other fruit. Right now we are chowing on blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, melon, bananas, watermelon. I feel like half our grocery bill is on fruit. We have to hide the fruit - it's nuts.

Otherwise, he'll eat yogurt. Or the baby veggie/fruit pouches. Sometimes mac n' cheese or toast. But really, he's a picky and inconsistent eater and it dries me batty. It is cute that he'll go into the cupboard now and bring something over for me to give him. Usually it's right before a meal...of course.

Party party in my tummy, yummy yummy. Thanks Yo Gabba Gabba.

I love this little guy so freaking much!

70th Celebrations and SD Sunshine

Ahh, sunny San Diego. Look at that: the sun, the ocean, the palm trees...but most importantly it's where my parents live. If you didn't know already, I grew up in Encinitas, CA and still get to visit since my parents live in San Marcos. Last week we headed down to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. We had a great time and I especially appreciate the extra help with the little guy. 

Of course we went to the beach, but the main event was the birthday party. You don't turn 70 years old everyday (well, you could say that about any age, but you get the point).

I had the honor of making the German Chocolate Cake this year. My dad requests it every year for his birthday. It was a Grandma Ruth speciality. Shed used to make it for him every year (and every time she came out to visit), but now it's up to my sister, mom, and/or me to make the cake. Everyone seemed to like it, so I think I did a pretty good job. It's a lot to live up to with it being "mom's cake" (or in my case, "grandma's cake").

The big party was on Saturday night. We got the outdoor patio at Bentley's to ourselves and all our family friends came to celebrate...and drink wine. We got to tell fun stories about my dad like how he loves to listen to the cockpit when on flights or take notes when he reads. My dad is pretty awesome and I so glad we got to have such a great party for him.

With my dad, there was wine. Definitely wine. It wouldn't be my dad's party without wine. And prime rib. I have to say the wine was excellent. The wine was some of the finest I've ever tasted. I'm happy to say I like wine now, too. Somewhere between being pregnant and having a kid, I developed a taste for red wine. The three wines served were Keever, Altamura, and 7&8. If you ever get a chance to taste one, do it.

It was so wonderful to see my parents with Caleb. You can see the love! Caleb will run up and give them big hugs. I love it! Of course, they spoiled him (exhibit A: see my dad eating cookies and ice cream with Caleb). It's so great to see them together.

When you visit home (yup, I still call it home. I call Tacoma home as well. So I have two homes), there is always a crowd. We saw all our friends and Aunt Lindsay and Damon came down to visit, too. Monkey and Max, our friend's dogs, even stayed with us a couple of days.

Daddy (Josh) also got to spend some good, quality time with Caleb.

No, they didn't really ride the motorcycle. 

I think Caleb's favorite part of the trip, though, was this Little Tikes car. It's an understatement to say he loved it. I think it's a blessing and a curse - good he loves it and keeps him preoccupied, but he doesn't want to stop playing. But when you see the joy on his face, you know it's a blessing. ;) 

Caleb got his first taste of the Pacific Ocean. He's been before, but only in a carrier. This time he walked up to the water on his own...and then fell. Watch the video, it's hilarious. There was lots of time at the park, in the sand, or roaming around Caleb-style. 

Unfortunately, I got a sinus infection while we were down there. I got some delicious pho, so that helped. And we had to get Lofty Coffee because I love it. Plus, the food is killer. The salted caramel latte, ahhhh so good. The eggs so freaking good. I die in food happiness.

We also went to Bellows for an early birthday dinner for me. I had a cauliflower steak, which was surprisingly super delicious. 

And when in SD, you gotta get Mexican food. We got some delicious tacos at Oscars Mexican Seafood.

Everything nom nom nom.

And to get there involved some flying. Caleb and I went down early, so we flew on our own. It was exhausting, but we did it. He wanted to do all the things he's not supposed to, and when I stopped him from doing them we got a bit of a tantrum. Blueberries helped for maybe five's the small things. 

Luckily, Josh was with for the return flight. Still exhausting, but the help was nice. He was in a better mood, but it's non-stop wiggling the whole flight. And he was tired, so in normal toddler fashion he thought the best time to nap was when we landed in SeaTac. Figures.

Oh, and we survived our first flight delay. It wasn't too bad, maybe even for the best, because it gave us time to eat breakfast and stretch our legs. You can see Josh entertaining Caleb with the McDonald's neon sign. 

I love getting to visit SD and my parents. Can't wait until our next trip (except for the flight part, that's not something I really look forward to, hehe).

Caleb's 17 Month Update

Gosh, the way time is moving these days Caleb is going to be 18 months before I even get his 17 month post live. But luckily, I'm not that far behind. Whew! This mama needs some spare minutes in her life. #momlife #lifewithatoddler

Caleb has picked up speed and is now practically running these days. He gets into all sorts of mischief. Climbing, putting things in his month, running the opposite direction from me, and being a total goof are his favorite things. Exhibit A: the only way to get his 17 month block photos was while he was stomping on the coffee table. Only for the photos (or, that's what I tell myself).

You might think he's surfing, but that's our coffee table. And yup, his legs were kicking. He thinks it's hilarious. 

Of course, we need the look back of things that happened between 16 to 17 months. My least favorite being the molars coming in. #teethingsucks. 


Caleb has his first swim class and first time in a pool this month. He wasn't a fan of the water, but each time we go he gets more comfortable and happy. In fact, the last class there were smiles and splashes. 

Also, we discovered he enjoys running the aisles of Costco and picking up bags of chips. Another fun morning we adventured to our old stomping grounds with friends to the Ballard Farmer's Market. Oh, and we had a close encounter with a walrus. 

Walking and Smiles

Caleb is very proud of his walking. Always a smile when he gets to roam around. He loves to take off and check everything out. Everything. Every stone. Every stick. Every blade of grass. Everything.

Sunglasses, or glasses of any kind, are a bit hit.


We love hanging out with this little goofball. He has the best laugh and almost always (almost) has a smile. 

Brown Grandparents

It was so great to have Grandma Nada and Grandpa Don visit us this month. Caleb had a blast hanging out with them. We took some nice walks and enjoyed quality time together.

Play Dates

We've made some great friends and Caleb enjoys playing with them, especially at the park. We have some fun play dates with Vivian, Johann, and Teddy. 

Although, he still might consider Asha pup his best friend. He loves to follow (eh hem, chase) her around the house saying "daag daag" and then giving her a hug. He also really wants to throw the ball of her with the chuck-it. 


If there is one things Caleb loves to be, it's a goofball. He loves to giggle and smile. Lately he likes to go in the cabinets and close the doors so he's hidden inside. Then he'll peek out at you. He tries to fit into everything - baskets, boxes, etc. - if it's Caleb-sized, then he's there. 

Dancing and clapping and smashing his face into the glass...of course.

Food and Teething

Caleb is still quite a picky eater. Favorites include yogurt, blueberries, cherries, graham crackers, puffs, and baby food pouches. Bananas lost favor for a few weeks, but returned to favor by the end of the month. Although he's reaching for the taco, he really didn't want it. He just really wanted to squish it and throw it on the floor. And he took a bite of the cookie, but then claiming under the table was more interesting than the cookie.


Along with glasses, hats are also quite fun to play with. It's pretty adorable when he puts an adult hat on his head and tries to walk around. I imagine him saying, "whatzz up" in the below pictures. 

I love the little surprises Caleb leaves in the house. Toys in shoes, cabinets, and other random places. For example, the giraffe toy in the pasta colander.  

He also realizes that the door knob is the key to opening the door. Luckily he's still too short, but I am fearful for my future when he grows. 

18 months is right around the corner and I'm sure there will be more growth and fun stories to tell.

A Lovely Mother's Day

I sometimes just can't believe I am a mother. It's just so amazing to look at Caleb and know he's my son. He is the light of my life and brings me such joy. Being a mother has been the hardest, but most rewarding thing in my life. Caleb brings a whole new, wonderful layer to our lives. I love being a family! I feel so honored to be part of the motherhood club.  

I am so grateful for the beautiful, strong, caring mothers in my life. The most important being my mother and my mother-in-law. They have taught me so much about being a good mother. I love them so much.

This was my second mother's day and it was so awesome. Josh and Caleb did a super job at treating me like a queen. I woke up with a little Caleb lying on top of me and giving me a great big, tight hug. Oh, the love and joy! Then we got a lovely breakfast at Jewel Box, which of course included coffee. And I enjoyed one of my favorite things, crepes! 

We went to church and they gave all the mothers a rose and pink donut. Yay!

We finished the day with a trip to the mall where I picked out my new mom bag, which was Josh's gift to me. I love it and feel so stylish. Much lighter then the diaper bag. More yays!

To finish the day, we did a family walk around the neighborhood and lucked up with some sunshine. It was fun to see Caleb on the walk - so much excitement over rocks and flowers (although it takes 45 minutes to go 4-5 blocks, haha). 

This mama didn't have to cook dinner, but we picked up some delicious Thai food. It was such an great day. 

Happy Mother's Day!!

Caleb's 16 Month Update

Boom! Another month. Craziness. And I think it's time we officially call Caleb a toddler. Why do I say this now? Because he's officially toddling. This month he got up and started walking. Yea, sure, he'd been taking steps, but he started to put those steps into much, much longer stretches. I think he just needed to realize he can walk because he won't stop - he's like the energizer bunny the way he just keeps going and going. 

And he just keeps getting cuter. Or, maybe that a mother's eye and the fact that she now gets sweet, big hugs. *Heart swells* My little boy is growing up so fast!

He did more than just start walking, too. He transitioned to one nap and is starting to get those dang wisdom teeth. I love, love, love that he also grabs a book and then sits in my lap. He still flips through the book without me finishing the page, but it's just the cutest. 

Good Friends, Good Times

We've really make some great friends. I enjoy seeing them interacting now as well. Sharing snacks, looking at books, driving cars - ahh, so darling to watch. 

Time to Walk

After one weekend he just decided to start walking - April 24th to be exact. It was amazing how he just started going. Something just clicked and he was up and going. He gets so happy when he walks, too. People are commenting how great a walker he is already and he's really only been walking a few weeks now. That's my boy!

Here's a little video of the first few days walking.

Mom, Dad, and Easter

Easter was lots of fun with Caleb. Not quite ready for egg hunts, but close. Check out my Easter post

Too Cute

I'm "mom biased" here but he's so cute. I love his snuggles. I love how he puts our hats on his he'd and thinks it's hilarious (and proceeds to crawl/walk around). I love his smile. Ahhh, love him!

Fun Times

Lucky for us, the zoo is only about a 5 minute drive from now. With a membership, we get to go a bunch. Another favorite is the Children's Museum of Tacoma, which is not really a museum but a mega play's awesome. Now that the sun is making more appearances, we also get to check out all the parks and shores. Yay!


I think we have a little athlete on our hands. He LOVES balls. It's adorable. He can make hoops and is a pretty good goalie. 

Swings, trucks, climbing (yup, that's him on the table there). It's playtime friends.

Learning Tower

We put out the learning tower that allows him to be level on the counter. He's still a bit young for it, so we're not using it a lot yet. But he really got a kick out of it.

I can't wait to get him helping me in the kitchen! 

Eating then Bathing

He's getting the hang of the fork, sorta. And after dinner, we have to have a bath...because toddler's eating is...messy.

Best Friends

Asha and Caleb are the best of buds. Asha is very patient and sweet with Caleb. And Caleb has learned to be gentle (most of the time) and gives Asha big hugs (too freaking cute). I love that they're growing up together. 

I'm sure 17 months will be here before I know it!

Caleb's 15 Month Update

Another month has passed and Caleb is another month older. Funny how that works. ;) He's growing up so fast and already at 15 months. Here's the latest with the little man...

This past month we made some big strides...literally. He's not quite walking all around, but he can take a few steps between Josh and me (or if something nearby is very tempting and he's already standing). He does little things all the time that just amaze me. My favorite right now is that he takes shoes (anybody's shoes) puts them on his hands and crawls around. It's hilarious. 

Also, boxes are the bomb. He loves to crawl inside, push them around, or better yet, push the box while chasing Asha. Asha is a big deal right now. Caleb just loves her. He will sit in the dog bed with her, turn on the TV, and lie back on her. He will pat her gently, or hug her. However, he also enjoys chasing her around the house either crawling or pushing his walker. 

Smiles and Such

Caleb has the best smile, and his can't help be laugh along with him. The most smiles and laughs happen when we play games. One of his favorites is standing up behind me, using my back for support, then peeking around my shoulder in a game of peek-a-boo. 

Mom and Dad

Weekends are the best because we get quality time together as a family. Caleb loves his Dad - it's so adorable to watch. They are like two peas in a pod. My favorite photo is the one of both of them on the couch eating toast. Cracks me up!

Great Outdoors

We've had some sunny & nice days where we can get outside. Caleb absolutely loves being outside. He doesn't seem to mind the sidewalk on his knees - ouch! So much to see and explore outside. We can't wait for the really good summer weather to come! (yup, no socks and no shoes...they just come off, immediately).


Like any kid, Caleb is a big fan of playtime. He loves going to the Children's Museum and we go about once a week. I don't know where his energy comes from, but I think he'd go all day if I didn't stop him. Too. much. fun. 

He also figured out how to stack the rings (and other things). It's fun to see him figure it all out and get excited when he's understands.

Right now, his favorite activity is pushing the dump truck around the house...better yet, chasing the dog with the dump truck. I'll get a photo and post next month. ;) 

PDX Trip

We did our first mini-trip down to Portland. We had such a great time, and Caleb also enjoyed the trip. Traveling with a kid is MUCH different, but it's still lots of fun. We went on some adventures and ate delicious food

Small spaces and Technology

Phones, remotes, computers - anything with screens seems to attract this kid. It's like he can sniff it out and find where we hide them, too. He'll point and scream when he sees it. Ahhh! I think Siri is going nuts.

He enjoys crawling into anything he can fit into -- shelves, furniture, boxes, and pots. The trouble can be getting out! That's when mom steps in and helps out. 

The pots are hilarious - he tries to put his butt into pots that are way to small. However, the pasta pot seems to be just right for his little patootie. And it's not just pots, but he tries to sit in a lot of things. He sticks his butt up and then falls back and sits down. He'll sit on other kids, the dog, on his parents...whatever looks comfy.


Asha is a great pal. She puts up with a lot, and will share her doggie bed. I have a feeling they'll be best buds for a long time. Especially once Caleb realizes that pulling on her ears isn't her favorite thing.

We also enjoy hanging out with little humans, too. We've met some fun kiddos and mamas around Tacoma and playdates are our favorites. 


It drives me nuts - one day he likes something, then the next day he doesn't want anything to do with it. Argh! Right now favorites include fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, garbanzo beans, mac n cheese, and toast with butter. Sadly eggs went to the "no" list, but I keep trying. #neveracceptdefeat

P.S. Have you ever tried to feed an overly tired baby. See photo below. Caleb holds his head like it's about to explode and screams and cries. Believe me, it's not an experience you want to do everyday. 

My little baby is growing up so fast! Loving every moment! 

Caleb's 14 Month Update

I am a bit behind on getting this post up, but what's new. That's the way of life these days with a baby/toddler. Yea, that's right, I haven't quite committed myself to calling him a toddler, yet. Not until he's toddling on his own, or that's what I'm saying now. 

So, 14 months. I say this every month,! Life is crazy. He's definitely growing and learning, though, and it's amazing to watch. For one, look at his hair. It's really coming in now. The first haircut might be a while still, but there is so much more hair then just a few months ago.

A lot happened during his thirteenth month of life. He's soooo close to walking. I think he really could walk, but figures he is a speed crawler and doesn't really need to walk, yet. That is the most common comments lately - how fast he can crawl. No joke, this kid is a speed crawler and could win the gold in the speed crawling Olympics. 

His love for pushing things is still as strong as ever. And he's grown a love for fresh fruit as in that's all he wants to eat. Just fruit. All the time. Nothing else. I guess it could be worse. 

Cute Guy

He's just a goof ball and he just makes me laugh. He flirts and smiles at everyone -- and I love it. 

Family Time

We had some more snow in February. Caleb took his first steps in the snow and thought it was the coolest thing ever. We also went out on an excursion to Salmon Beach.

We also spent a lovely week down in San Diego with the O'Neill grandparents and Aunt Lindsay. We enjoyed the sun and extra help. More to come on that visit in another post!


We all love to hang with friend. Yes, in that top photo Caleb is basically stark naked except for socks. I refrained from sharing the naked photo since I don't think future Caleb would appreciate totally naked photos on the internet. But I have it in my back pocket for someday, mwhaha. Just kidding. 

We had some fun with our friends Nora and her parents Sarah & Mark on Sunday morning. We also had a fun trip to IKEA with our friends Vivian and Margo. Then we had a birth class baby reunion. 

Pushing Everything

If it moves, Caleb will push it. He eyes anything with wheels. His favorite thing to push is his stroller. I have to hid it or else he'll want to push it around the house nonstop. He gets very upset if he sees me close the laundry door room with the stroller inside. He also enjoys using the cart at the store, briefcases that roll, play cars...really anything. 

Food and Shoes

We discovered guacamole is a favorite. Not quite fruit, but still something he enjoys. And he does some interesting things with food like dipping pesto bread into soft serve. 

We also purchased our first walking shoes at the Stride Rite outlet while with my parents. He was pretty happy about it because it means more pushing and walking.

Valentine's Day and Other Goofy Things

Caleb still enjoys climbing the stairs and will race us to the staircase if he see it's not blocked by the baby gate. Like I said, he'll push anything, such as the toilet paper holder. He also enjoys climbing into small spaces. 

His second Valentine's Day was great. We enjoyed a sunny day and took a mom-baby walk outside and played in the grass a bit. 

Love this little guy!

Caleb's 13 Month Update

It's Caleb's monthly birthday time again - a bit late to blogging about it, but better late than never. On February 2nd, he turned 13 months old. Being one year old was sooo last month. ;) I don't even know if I can call him a baby anymore. Waaahhh. He's really in an in-between stage of baby and toddler. I'm inventing a new word: baddler! Eh, sounds like bald, and he's no longer bald. Definitely growing hair these days. Let's just say he's a baby still, okay?

No more stickers, but we still have the blocks. I have the one photo there to show off his hair and the cute little curl thing he has going. You can see a fun new game he's made called "crawl over the dog" (or under works, too).

12 Months Development & Happenings

His 12th month of life was full of new things. He is soooo close to walking now. He uses his walkers and practically runs around the house with hit. He needs to work on steering a bit, though. 

Smiles, Cutie, and Goofy

I love to watch him sleep; he's just so peaceful. And I can really look at him as it's the only time he is still. The smiles are the best, though. Oh lordy, they melt my heart. He also started doing this funny thing with his lips one day, which was completely hilarious.

Eating Food

Guess what?! He likes frozen yogurt!! Yay! He is eating way more things now, it's awesome. There he is having a wee little taste with a red spoon at Black Bear.

He's a funny, little eater. He only likes his food room temperature or cold. The face he gives when the food is hot is like "OMG, it's fire!" 

Oh, and bananas are acceptable now and he'll eat it as a whole banana. I found this out at Metropolitan Market. They have free fruit for kids while you shop and I grabbed a banana. He ate it all up! 

Non-Stop Playtime

Caleb does. not. stop. ever. One of the most common observations from others is how fast he is at crawling. Ohhh, I know it. I sure do 'cuz guess who's chasing him. You got it.

He's discovered the fun of pulling tissues out of the box and grabbing the toilet paper. He likes to stuff things into shoes as well. He's also been seen grabbing two car toys - one in each hand - and wheeling them around the house. 

Mom and Dad

He sure loves his daddy. There are lots of giggles and fun with dad. He looks out the front window when Josh leaves for work, which is adorable.

Notice no smile on the carousel. He did start to smile when it moved. He loves to move it move it. 

Getting Around

As I've said earlier, he sure likes to move. We have a path through the house for him to walk around with his baby walkers. It's the first thing he likes to do in the morning and the last thing before bed. He has an obsession with strollers, too (really anything with wheels that he can push). He'll grab the stroller and push it around. I've let him do this at the grocery store with the cart as well and he gets the biggest kick out of it.

He just goes and goes and goes. And I'm sure he could win a race with his speed crawl. But you can see, sometimes he wants to be picked up. But it's not because he wants to be near mom or dad, but rather he wants to see what's happening from higher up.

And now such a big boy in his convertible car seat. Bye bye baby car seat. I'm a big boy now!

Play and More Play

We have added the Children's Museum of Tacoma into our weekly routine. He has such a blast there. Other fun destinations are the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, the park, and the coffee shop that has a great kids play area. 

It's pretty amazing to watch him learn and grow. We love this little guy!

Caleb's 12 Month Update

You might think I already did the 12 month update from my post the other day. No sir ye! That was totally different; that was his birthday party. This is his monthly update where I share pictures from throughout the month and take the blocks and sticker photos. Hurray, more Caleb!! 

As you can see, Caleb is ready to pounce on his first year. One is totally going to be fun...

Ok, let's have some real talk for a moment about those monthly stickers. While they were fun, they have also become my worst nightmare from a photo taking sense. It's impossible. He wants to ripe them off immediately and eat them or trash them up. It's cute, but incredibly annoying if you're trying to capture a photo. You put him down for the photo, step back to snap a shot, but by then he's already ripped it off and moved on to something that's caught his eye.

He finds the stickers so interesting. Sticky and crinkly. Let's rip it off and crawl around with it. Yea, it's sorta cute. The last photo is of him on a new toy. I added that to the collage just because it's cute - nothing to do with stickers. 

As you know, I've been doing the mostly block photo with bullets on what he's done that month. At the start of it all, I decided to have it so the picture was from the start of that month and the bullets listed what he did for that following month. Here you see the 11 month photo and the bullets are for what he did during his 11th month. Although, now that we're at 12 months it seems awkward. Maybe I should have done it differently, but it's too late now. It made sense in my sleep-deprived mind back then. Let's just go with it. Here's a look at 11 months:

Family Time

Holidays are great for family time. We got a whole week with dad off from work, which was awesome. He has said dadda a few times and that just makes Josh's day. But he's going to be a mama's boy. Yes, he is. YES I say! 


This kid loves to play. It's hard to keep up with him. Toys are good, but everything else is chapstick. We call that photo his Winston Churchill pose. 


The most wonderful time of the year and it was even more wonderful with Caleb. I'm going to write a post specifically for Christmas so I'll keep this part short. It was great to have Auntie Lindsay, Grandma Jan, and Grandpa John around. 

Food is Fun

Food can be fun, but can be frustrating. He isn't the biggest solid/real food eater yet. He likes to play with his food, though. He especially enjoys squeezing the food and dropping it on the floor. This mom just loves to pick it up and clean it up (wink wink, cough cough).

Just Cute

The first photo I like to call "budda baby, sleeping pup." The next photo Caleb was watching sports with Grandpa John. The other one is him playing with wheels (his favorite) on the table at the coffee shop. And the last one is just crawling and plain cute.

And that's the life of a one year one. It's hard to believe he has grown so much! It's incredible to experience. He has brought so much joy and love to our family.  

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