Caleb's 18 Month Update

I seriously feel like I just wrote one of these month updates. And now Caleb has reached 18 months old -- that's 1-1/2 years. It really blows my mind, especially if I look back at a photo from last June. How much and how quickly these little ones grow. It's so amazing! 

I have to say, my favorite thing that Caleb does right now is ask to be picked up and then reaches out for the other parent and then wraps his arms around both of us in a big, family hug. He also grabbed both of our legs and hugs us. Oh my heart. Also, his kisses. I melt. 

Although sometimes when he wants to be picked up, he just wants to be carted around while he points and jammers at us to show him, take him, or give him something like a little prince. 

He's definitely in toddler-land now with tantrums and shaking his head no. Yes, I have now been the mom in the grocery store with the kid that's crying/screaming and turns into a rag doll when you try to pick them up. He does not want to be strapped down, especially not in a cart when there are things on the ground to explore. If I do let him down, he goes along and picks up groceries. For instance, two hug soy sauce jars, ribs, prepared mashed potatoes, and Ruffles were all placed in our cart at some point in our last shopping trip. 

But the hugs, kisses, laughs, and smiles make all the toddler moodiness disappear for me. 

Time with Mom & Dad

I know his joy of being with mom & dad won't last forever, so I better soak it all in now. My favorite is our afternoon froyo dates. 

Family & Friends

We love to hang out with friends - this month we saw Finely as well as Kaia and Matthew. 

And we also got to visit Grandma Jan & Grandpa John down in San Diego (see the post here). He just loves his grandparents. 

Just One Cute Guy

I realize I am biased, but isn't he just too freaking cute. His hand is in his mouth a lot these days - those dang teeth keep popping up!

Playtime and Gardens

Caleb likes to type on the computer and be like dad. Not sure what he's typing up, but it's serious business. But even more fun, is playing on the bed and plopping down on pillows. Heck, yes. 

Dirt and rocks are also fun to play with in the garden (he even tries to eat them, but mom doesn't allow it to Caleb's disappointment). 


If it has an incline, he will climb. Stairs are the best, though. 

Favorite Toy

Oh my gosh, this car. He LOVES it. We have to hide it each night so he doesn't see it in the morning. Otherwise, it would be straight to playtime without breakfast. He'll push it, want to be pushed, climb on it, pretend steer it (like a crazy man), bring things into the's the best toy ever, bar none.

Speaking of cars, this kid just loves anything with wheels. Actually, wheels, gears, or things that can be pushed or spun. He has such a curious mind and is so interested in figuring out how things work. I'm not sure if this is a normal kid thing or not, but it's so cool to see his so focused and interested in things. Maybe we've got a future engineer on our hands.

The Park

There are lots of parks in Tacoma, which is good since Caleb loves the park. If he sees a park now and we don't stop, he gets a bit upset. His favorite is probably the swing, but also climbing up to the slide is a close second. Of course, we go down the slide on our belly, feet first. It's the best way to slide.

Such a Ham

I can tell Caleb has a good sense of humor, and a goofy one at that (yea, kinda like his parents). It's hilarious when he sees something good or interesting and his mouth goes round and he says, "ohhhh!"

Ice Cream

This kids loves ice cream and froyo. He gets pretty serious about it with double spoons. Lots of focus in that face, right? I shared my ice cream with him on his 18 month birthday, and then later we paid for it with a crazy sugar high toddler. Worth it, though.

Yummy in my Tummy

Caleb's all time favorite food: blueberries. Then followed by any other fruit. Right now we are chowing on blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, melon, bananas, watermelon. I feel like half our grocery bill is on fruit. We have to hide the fruit - it's nuts.

Otherwise, he'll eat yogurt. Or the baby veggie/fruit pouches. Sometimes mac n' cheese or toast. But really, he's a picky and inconsistent eater and it dries me batty. It is cute that he'll go into the cupboard now and bring something over for me to give him. Usually it's right before a meal...of course.

Party party in my tummy, yummy yummy. Thanks Yo Gabba Gabba.

I love this little guy so freaking much!