A Happy and Fun Fourth

We had our very first Fourth of July celebration in Tacoma yesterday. We had a wonderful and patriotic day. Tacoma pretty much shuts down for the Fourth of July and everyone heads to the big Freedom Fair that runs along the water. This is just another thing we love about living in this town - you really get more of a small town feel here (and it's not really a small town!). We decided to join the crowds and check out the fair. 

Of course, to get there we had to walk down, and yes back up, a very steep hill - definitely got our workout for the day. 

At the Freedom Fair, there was an air and car show. Caleb's nap was during most off the air show, but we did catch some planes from our house. Pretty neat! But we did make it down for the car show, which I'm glad because Caleb got to see wheels. He loves wheels and shiney things, so the car show was a.w.e.s.o.me. He was in his happy place.

I always like to make something sweet to celebrate and cherries scream America to me. I got some delicious Rainier and Bing cherries and made a sweet cherry pie. 

Caleb is a fruit fanatic so naturally he's thrilled our backyard has a blueberry bush. He can't walk by the bush without getting a blueberry. And watermelon is a must for the Fourth of July. 

To wrap up the day, we fired up the grill and had some sausages and brats with coleslaw. Yum! No fireworks for us, but we heard them (so did Asha, and she was not thrilled or impressed with the booms). 

Hope you all had a great Fourth! Go America!