Caleb Update: 25 to 28 Months

Have you missed the monthly Caleb updates? I have, but I'm his mom and I love anything that involves Caleb. It's a mom thing. May I also say, how has it been four and half months since I wrote one of these posts? I totally intended to do it quarterly, but somehow that slipped. But, have you been to my lastly blog adventure, Raising Tacoma? I'm trying hard to post weekly there. Plus, if it's Caleb photos you're looking for, he's the star of that blog basically. 

Caleb has grown and developed a bunch since my last post. Doesn't he look like a little man now? To keep up with his constant growing, I do two things: (1) I write little notes throughout the month on my "notes" app about things he is doing hence the bullets you see here. Then (2) I got thorugh periodically and pick my favorite photos and save them to a "CAB Favs" album in my Photos. Hopefully I appreciate all this effort sometime. Actually, I already am in a way! 

28 Months (May 2018-partial since we're still in May)

  • Words: Smoke (he's really into Fire Engines right now and putting out fires), ball, shark
  • Stairs without using his hands to holding on (mostly, sometimes I reaches for him hand)
  • Shaking hands with people. If Josh and/or I shake someones hand, he needs to shake it as well.
  • When being scolded, he starts kissing my face all over. Ahhh, how can you stay mad/stern???!!!
  • Jumping off and climbing everything. This scares mom everytime; he's taken some big tumbles. He's definitely better at both, though.

27 Months (April 2018)

  • Words: Ball, poop, Mimi & Papa (Grandparents names), hot, mine/me, help, milk
  • Favorite phrase: “Ok mommy” / “Ok daddy” / “Daddy Mommy”
  • Foods: Taken to liking his mom’s granola.
  • If he sees a scratch or bruise on mom or dat, he'll kiss it (Mom kisses his hurts, so I guess he feels we need it, too)
  • Came running out naked into the kitchen for me, brought me into the bathroom, & show he’d peed. I think potty training will happen soon.
  • Double feet jumping - oh boy! Jump over and off everything.

26 Months (March 2018)

  • Words: Purple, blue, green, hot (fires are HOT HOT HOT), sock
  • Food of any kind and water is called "Nom Noms"
  • Loves to put his hands in his socks 
  • Enjoys holding dandelions and keeps them in his hands for a long time and/or gives them to mama
  • Holding onto gummy vitamins, yogurt raisins, m&ms (little foods) in hand for ~30+ minutes. Ha!
  • Trying to use fingers to show 1-2-3 

25 Months (February 2018)

  • Word: Hat, up, duck, broke, bye bye, cheese, stuck or truck?, hook
  • Calls his diaper "bubble" - not sure why???
  • Said “Bye Bye Daddy” & “hi daddy” / “hi mama”
  • Another top canine teeth came in
  • Walking steps up/down with railing
  • Imitating Asha: Squatting when the dog poops, bending to drink from the dog bowl, or sticking his tongue out panting
  • All women are Mom & all men are Dad
  • Fish go "blub blub blub"
  • Flight-compliment to me/mama: "I can tell you’re a good mom; your son is so well behaved!" (go me!)

24 Months (Jan 2018)

  • Words: Nom nom (“Mom, nom nom”), bubble, duck, Shhh (Asha), Ack or Gawk (truck) 
  • Pulling the Radio Flyer wagon & lying flat in it
  • Dancing - especially with his toy guitar jamming and jumping on the couch while nodding his head
  • Nap was pushed to 1pm (from 12pm) - Terrible 2-year sleep regression!
  • Bottom canine teeth breaking through
  • Started gymnastics class
  • Upped to a size 6 shoe size