Caleb's 14 Month Update

I am a bit behind on getting this post up, but what's new. That's the way of life these days with a baby/toddler. Yea, that's right, I haven't quite committed myself to calling him a toddler, yet. Not until he's toddling on his own, or that's what I'm saying now. 

So, 14 months. I say this every month,! Life is crazy. He's definitely growing and learning, though, and it's amazing to watch. For one, look at his hair. It's really coming in now. The first haircut might be a while still, but there is so much more hair then just a few months ago.

A lot happened during his thirteenth month of life. He's soooo close to walking. I think he really could walk, but figures he is a speed crawler and doesn't really need to walk, yet. That is the most common comments lately - how fast he can crawl. No joke, this kid is a speed crawler and could win the gold in the speed crawling Olympics. 

His love for pushing things is still as strong as ever. And he's grown a love for fresh fruit as in that's all he wants to eat. Just fruit. All the time. Nothing else. I guess it could be worse. 

Cute Guy

He's just a goof ball and he just makes me laugh. He flirts and smiles at everyone -- and I love it. 

Family Time

We had some more snow in February. Caleb took his first steps in the snow and thought it was the coolest thing ever. We also went out on an excursion to Salmon Beach.

We also spent a lovely week down in San Diego with the O'Neill grandparents and Aunt Lindsay. We enjoyed the sun and extra help. More to come on that visit in another post!


We all love to hang with friend. Yes, in that top photo Caleb is basically stark naked except for socks. I refrained from sharing the naked photo since I don't think future Caleb would appreciate totally naked photos on the internet. But I have it in my back pocket for someday, mwhaha. Just kidding. 

We had some fun with our friends Nora and her parents Sarah & Mark on Sunday morning. We also had a fun trip to IKEA with our friends Vivian and Margo. Then we had a birth class baby reunion. 

Pushing Everything

If it moves, Caleb will push it. He eyes anything with wheels. His favorite thing to push is his stroller. I have to hid it or else he'll want to push it around the house nonstop. He gets very upset if he sees me close the laundry door room with the stroller inside. He also enjoys using the cart at the store, briefcases that roll, play cars...really anything. 

Food and Shoes

We discovered guacamole is a favorite. Not quite fruit, but still something he enjoys. And he does some interesting things with food like dipping pesto bread into soft serve. 

We also purchased our first walking shoes at the Stride Rite outlet while with my parents. He was pretty happy about it because it means more pushing and walking.

Valentine's Day and Other Goofy Things

Caleb still enjoys climbing the stairs and will race us to the staircase if he see it's not blocked by the baby gate. Like I said, he'll push anything, such as the toilet paper holder. He also enjoys climbing into small spaces. 

His second Valentine's Day was great. We enjoyed a sunny day and took a mom-baby walk outside and played in the grass a bit. 

Love this little guy!