Caleb's 20 Month Update

Twenty months! Caleb is no longer in the teen months and he is creeping closer and closer to two years - yikes! 

I found myself looking at videos and photos of when Caleb was younger, and it's amazing to compare last year to this year. Not to mention, just how cute he keeps getting. He's my handsome pumpkin, sweetie, sweetie pie, sugar plum (yup, all names I call him). 

In my usual fashion I couldn't decide which photos to share, so you get them all. You better sit back as there is ton of photos here...

I officially feel like Lois in Family Guy now as it's mommy-mommy-mommy. Similarly, he also loves to say, "no no no no no." It's never just one no; always a series of no's. But he's doing such cute things, too. A favorite is when he blows on his food when I blow on it to cool it off. Or, how he'll stare endlessly at wheels and gears trying to understand. The cutest of all is his giggling, though.

Playtime is Funtime

Playtime is the best. He still loves to push his dump truck around everywhere. He figured out how to ride the motorbike, too. And he definitely understands when I say, "let's go to the park" because he'll say "OK" and then immediately run for his shoes. 

That water pump blew his mind! And the magnetic board was the longest he has stayed in one spot...ever. 


I love that he's getting more interested in reading. It's mostly all trucks, cars, and dogs, but hey it's reading! Favorite books right now include: Little Blue Truck, Trucks, Toot Toot Beep Beep, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, and Harry the Dirty Dog. Look, he was even reading in the car!

VW Bus Toy

This is a current favorite toy. It was actually something Josh owned pre-Caleb, then Caleb found it and it became his bus. He takes it everywhere - car, bath, even to bed. He pushes it around and says, "beep beep!" What is it with boys and cars? 

O'Neill Grandparents Visit 

It was so much fun having Grandma Jan and Grandpa John in town. Not to mention, it meant his very own gelato courtesy of Grandpa John, haha.  (Gosh I still have to write a post about their visit! Yikes!)

Mommy and Me 

I just love this little guy. I feel so lucky that I get to enjoy so much time with him.  

Daddy and Me

Caleb loves his Daddy! It's cute and a little heartbreaking when he watches dad leave in the morning. But we love our family weekend time together. 


We have made so many great friends. It's cool because the kiddos are starting to interact more rather than just playing in the same room. We hosted a summer toddler time at the park and also had our out-of-town friends, Jeff, Melissa, and Thomas visit. Oh, and we are so lucky to have some neighbors with kids, which is awesome!

New Experiences

Well, a new experience plus something that's not going to happen again for a long time: the eclipse. We got to see about a 94% eclipse. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo to join in all the fun with other viewers (and since we didn't have glasses at home - dang, those thing sold out fast!).

Caleb also got to enjoy his first ferry ride. We went to Vashon Island with Grandma Jan & Grandpa John. Such fun!

Walking and Exploring

If there is one things about Caleb, it's that he loves to explore and see new things. He wants to see all the things and do all the stuff. I love it when he sees something and says, "wow!" And Caleb prefers to say "heck no" (he doesn't really say that, btw). Why sit when you can walk. Now, if only he'd listen to me and stay close by. When do they start listening to you? (wait, don't answer that.) But he is definitely Mr. Curiosity! 


Well, he's definitely his mom's son and has a sweet tooth, especially soft serve! The joy in his face when he eats ice cream or froyo is the best. He also discovered chocolate - he grabbed the last two bites of my chocolate chip cookie and gobbled it up while giggling and running around the house. 

The Sillies 

Such a silly guy (yup, I intentionally put this photo set after sweets, wink wink). He loves putting my shoes on his feet and putting things on his head (tupperware, buckets, drums) except for hats made for him - only mom or dad's hat. The red tupperware is his favorite to put on his head. The photo with the yogurt stash and tupperware hat is classic Caleb.

This and That

He is quite the helper (cough cough) in the yard and kitchen. Also, he got to see more of his Croatian roots at the Croatian festival (which was mainly just eating some food and then hightailing it to the park next door). 

He discovered a love for stuffed animals and will point at every truck/car/bus that goes by (check out the center photo - he's very focused on a bus). And sometimes you just need to take a break and lie down flat on the floor. 

This kid, I tell you...such a joy!