Caleb's 23 Month Update

As of December 2nd, we're at 23 months old. Can you believe it, only one more month and Caleb will be the big TWO?! Please tell me they won't be terrible. ;) This age has been particular fun - tiring for mom running after him - but he's totally got the cutest personality. 

The cutest development this past month is the animal noises. He loves the elephant, lion, monkey, and hyena noises the best. But his very favorite noise is the siren. He also loves to flop on soft things like piles of pillows and stuffed animals. 

Favorite Books this month: The Wheels on the BusCars! Cars! Cars!Push! Dig! Scoop!Duck in the Truck

My Sweetie

I know I'm his mother, but doesn't he just have the sweetest smile. It's so full of joy and love. 

Family Love

Caleb just loves his daddy. Throughout the work week, he'll babble about daddy. It's cute to see him watch daddy go to his car to take off for work. He waves and repeats, "daddy!" 

We got the opportunity to spend a week down in San Diego with Grandma Jan and Grandpa John. As always, we enjoyed some froyo/ice cream, hugs from the grandparents, and sunshine. 


You aren't a toddler if you aren't full of silliness, right? Caleb has plenty of it.

And it's so sad when fun is on the horizon only to find the zoo is closed. Look at that sad face at the gates. Don't worry, we got some fun in at the park instead.

Play Dates with Friends

These are the best, especially at friend's houses where we can play with all new toys (oh yea, the friends are pretty cool, too). 

First Hair Cut

It was bittersweet for me to see the baby curls shorten, but he's still got the cutest small curls going on. Surprisingly, he had a blast getting his hair cut. How could he not when they put him in a car, hand in trucks, and put on his current favorite show, Super Wings. He didn't want to leave! Thanks to Wild Child for making it a fun first hair cut experience.

Fun Fun Fun until you Drop

This kid would keep going and going and going if I didn't make him lie down to sleep. Why walk if you can run? Cars and trucks are awesome. And construction is fascinating. Oh, and water and puddles. So much fun to have in life. 

Wee Wee Wee

Favorite sweater. Spinning. Wee Wee Wee.

Wow, Christmas

This season has been a blast so far. He is way more into it than last year. Every time he sees a Christmas tree he says, "wow!" So full of wonder and spirits. 

Yay for a fun 23 months!