Caleb's 17 Month Update

Gosh, the way time is moving these days Caleb is going to be 18 months before I even get his 17 month post live. But luckily, I'm not that far behind. Whew! This mama needs some spare minutes in her life. #momlife #lifewithatoddler

Caleb has picked up speed and is now practically running these days. He gets into all sorts of mischief. Climbing, putting things in his month, running the opposite direction from me, and being a total goof are his favorite things. Exhibit A: the only way to get his 17 month block photos was while he was stomping on the coffee table. Only for the photos (or, that's what I tell myself).

You might think he's surfing, but that's our coffee table. And yup, his legs were kicking. He thinks it's hilarious. 

Of course, we need the look back of things that happened between 16 to 17 months. My least favorite being the molars coming in. #teethingsucks. 


Caleb has his first swim class and first time in a pool this month. He wasn't a fan of the water, but each time we go he gets more comfortable and happy. In fact, the last class there were smiles and splashes. 

Also, we discovered he enjoys running the aisles of Costco and picking up bags of chips. Another fun morning we adventured to our old stomping grounds with friends to the Ballard Farmer's Market. Oh, and we had a close encounter with a walrus. 

Walking and Smiles

Caleb is very proud of his walking. Always a smile when he gets to roam around. He loves to take off and check everything out. Everything. Every stone. Every stick. Every blade of grass. Everything.

Sunglasses, or glasses of any kind, are a bit hit.


We love hanging out with this little goofball. He has the best laugh and almost always (almost) has a smile. 

Brown Grandparents

It was so great to have Grandma Nada and Grandpa Don visit us this month. Caleb had a blast hanging out with them. We took some nice walks and enjoyed quality time together.

Play Dates

We've made some great friends and Caleb enjoys playing with them, especially at the park. We have some fun play dates with Vivian, Johann, and Teddy. 

Although, he still might consider Asha pup his best friend. He loves to follow (eh hem, chase) her around the house saying "daag daag" and then giving her a hug. He also really wants to throw the ball of her with the chuck-it. 


If there is one things Caleb loves to be, it's a goofball. He loves to giggle and smile. Lately he likes to go in the cabinets and close the doors so he's hidden inside. Then he'll peek out at you. He tries to fit into everything - baskets, boxes, etc. - if it's Caleb-sized, then he's there. 

Dancing and clapping and smashing his face into the glass...of course.

Food and Teething

Caleb is still quite a picky eater. Favorites include yogurt, blueberries, cherries, graham crackers, puffs, and baby food pouches. Bananas lost favor for a few weeks, but returned to favor by the end of the month. Although he's reaching for the taco, he really didn't want it. He just really wanted to squish it and throw it on the floor. And he took a bite of the cookie, but then claiming under the table was more interesting than the cookie.


Along with glasses, hats are also quite fun to play with. It's pretty adorable when he puts an adult hat on his head and tries to walk around. I imagine him saying, "whatzz up" in the below pictures. 

I love the little surprises Caleb leaves in the house. Toys in shoes, cabinets, and other random places. For example, the giraffe toy in the pasta colander.  

He also realizes that the door knob is the key to opening the door. Luckily he's still too short, but I am fearful for my future when he grows. 

18 months is right around the corner and I'm sure there will be more growth and fun stories to tell.