Trying On Trendsend

Over the past few years, subscription clothing services have cropped up online everywhere. They are a great option for anyone that cannot always find time to get to the mall to go shopping or for those that dislike shopping for clothes (which I could never understand). The first time I really heard about this type of service was with StitchFix. I heard about this pre-Caleb days so finding my way to the mall wasn’t particularly hard. Even so, I was intrigued by the idea and wanted to try it out. What drew me was the idea of someone stylish helping pick out outfits for me and choosing items that I may not have picked out on my own.

I ended up trying Stitchfix out and I was impressed with the overall experience. Over the years, I have ordered a few additional boxes (box 1, 2/3, and 4). I even did a box for maternity wear and ended up keeping the whole box. However, the past couple StitchFix boxes I received, I was less than thrilled. It felt less personalized and like they didn’t read my requests. Perhaps as StitchFix has grown bigger, the stylists are not as experienced and there is more of a service model that has taken out the specialness of the experience. I don’t know, but I was disappointed and I haven’t felt very motivated to order another box.

Recently, I have been seeing advertisements for Trendsend, which is a similar subscription service. One of my favorite stores, Evereve (formerly called Hot Mama), created Trendsend so it’s their stylists and clothes that they send to you. At the Evereve store I go to, the sales ladies are so helpful in helping you find great outfits, so I wanted to give this service a try. I received my first box this week.

When I opened the box, there was a very personalized letter that explained why the picked the pieces they sent me, and how to make them into outfits. Not to mention, they sure know how to get to a mom’s heart because they said how adorable my son is in the letter (*heart swells*). They described how to accessorize the outfits as well.

I did feel that they read my profile and provided outfits that looks good on me and fit what I asked for. I ended up only keeping two items, but if I had all the money in the world I would have kept it all – just that darn thing called a budget. Overall, I was quite pleased with the experience and would consider trying it again.

What Did I keep? 

I kept the Gidget shorts from outfit one and the Skies are Blue dress from outfit three. I almost didn’t keep the shorts because I was so unsure about how I looked in them. I tend to get shy and doubtful about clothes on me, but Josh insisted they looked great. Then as I was looking at the photos for this post, I saw myself in them and thought, “hey, I do look pretty good in them.” I only own three pairs of shorts and none of them actually fit me well, so I was in need of new shorts. They have a raw hem, which apparently seems to be a trend right now – who knew?! Not me! They fit great, something I would have passed over in the store on my own, and are a great addition to my closet.

The Skies are Blue dress is the other item I kept. It’s cute and surprisingly comfy. In fact, I think I can still chase Caleb around in it. I plan on wearing it for a photoshoot we’re doing as a family for my dad’s 70th birthday.  It’ll be nice for the summer weather that seems to finally have arrived to the Pacific Northwest (fingers crossed).

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend Trendsend to others. If you’re looking for some updates to your wardrobe, why not give it a try (no styling fee like StitchFix, which is nice!). They cater to moms and have some great options for us moms-on-the-go!