Stitch Fix Box 4 - The Maternity Edition

More Stitch Fix love! This time my fix was geared towards maternity. Yes, they do maternity wear as well. It's a somewhat recent addition to their offerings. I haven't bought much maternity wear, so this was my first foray into that arena. And the verdict: success! I liked every piece and ended up keeping the whole box since you get a better deal with the box discount. Here I am in the new stitches:

If you've ever received a Stitch Fix before, you'll be sure to point out that you get five pieces in a box but there are only four pictures above. I didn't take a photo of the leggings, but you can see them (sort of) in the bottom left photo. They are cute with a little side zipper at the ankle. I just figured a photo of my legs might be odd. 

Of course each box comes with a little note and tips on how to style the pieces. Here's what I got:

It's hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to I'm thinking the maxi dress. For one it's technically not a maternity piece so I can go on wearing it after the baby. But I love the lace details on both the Keils Lace (gray) top and the Aldrich Crocket knit (blue) top. Lace love!! The leggings are just a nice staple that will carry me through the remaining months, and the Yarm top is just fun with the pops of color. 

If you've seen me recently, then you may have already seen me in these clothes - a true sign of success. I wish I could do the boxes more often, but it's always a fun when I can. Here's my other boxes (normal, non-maternity wear): box 1 and box 2 & 3

If you give it a go, use my referral link and I'll love you forever.

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