Stitch Fix Boxes 2 and 3

Here's something about me: I love to shop. Love, love, love it. I have always loved it. Even when I look back and realize I wasn't always so fashionable or the best dressed (although, I hope/think I've gotten a bit better these days), I still know I enjoyed shopping for those things. I enjoy walking around and touching the soft and smooth fabrics (I swear, my hands are clean!).

That said, when it comes to Stitch Fix, I have a huge dilemma. I means putting aside my love for shopping. BUT, and this is a huge but, I LOVE to get things in the mail. It's like getting a gift in the mail - and it's not your birthday. And when I know I have a box on the way, I'm filled with crazy excitement. What will I get? Will I like it? What will this shopper gal think fits my style? Did I do a good job pinning my style? All this excitement and anticipate, is just so much fun.

I've now officially received three Stitch Fix boxes. Remember my first box? And I have to say, they do a pretty dang good job at finding some cute things. I have yet to keep the entire box, but I've kept a few things each time. I can also imagine what a great service this would be if you just don't have the time to shop (maybe you have a lil' one in the home). Or, you hate to shop (this I cannot comprehend, but I guess there are folks out there). 

Without further ado, let me share my recent boxes.

Box #2 - November 2014

Can you guess what I kept? I'll give you a hint: grey (and pink). Let me show you another angle:

Unfortunately, with the recent move, I lost the sheet with all the names and brands. I'm sure it'll show up and that I put it somewhere "safe" but for now it's lost).

While I liked the jacket and scarf, I wasn't in love when I put them on. I ended up keeping the grey sweater, grey pants, and pink/blue tank. Grey was the winner for me in this box - and with it being February, it seemed fitting.

They grey sweater was completely comfortable, and was my favorite of the box. It has a cute design on the back, too. The tank was a nice layering piece and I didn't have any grey pants so those were a win as well. All and all another successful box.

Box #3 - February 2015

Here's the line-up:

Here's the items:

  • Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Jacket
  • Gilli Auden Ikat Print Dress
  • Moon Collection Shia Beaded Trim Top
  • Kut from the Kloth Emmett Boyfriend Jean
  • Tart Brigette Raglan Top

I kept the least from this box, but not because I didn't like all of the pieces. Mostly for budgetary reasons. If I had all the money in the world, I would have kept it all (sadly, I don't). I kept the blue jacket, which I love now that it's spring. It's not water resistant, but on non-rainy spring days it's great. I also kept the beaded top as it was another great layering piece. You need lots of layers in the Pacific Northwest, my friends. Our days can be bi-polar - starts cloudy, then sunny, getting some rain, and then back to sunny. No joke. 

I actually asked specifically for the Tart top, but I thought I would get it in black and white. I liked the blue, but it wasn't what I wanted/needed and so I passed. 

The boyfriend jeans were also great and I've been pinning them. The stylist did a good job, but I had to make a decision and they weren't top two. 

I'm definitely going to order a fourth box in the next few months. It's just too fun not to. If you want to try it out, then use my referral link (I love you forever if you do!).