Reading Rainbow #3

I realize now that my last Reading Rainbow post was January 2013. Say what??? Inconceivable! But it's entirely true and entirely embarrassing. BUT, and this is important, I have not stopped reading since my last reading rainbow (that's a relief). I have gone on ready and yet failed to inform you of all the fabulous books I have read. I have basically two full years worth of books to tell you about. 

Before I share all these books, I have a confession: I'm horrible at ratings. I am not good at giving bad reviews since I really try to see the good in everything. On the flip side, I am not good at committing to a full five star review either. That leaves me with 3.5 to 4 stars as my go-to rating. Luckily, I think everything I have read since last Reading Rainbow is four stars. Seriously. Yes, pinky swear. I have not been disappointed in a book in a very long time. I think I must be a great selector of books. Sure, there have some better than others, but over all they have all be good.

That said, it does take me (Sandlot style) to decide what to read. I generally check reviews a million times. My go-to review resources are friends, Amazon, and Good Reads. I sit. I ponder. Then I download a couple samples, and then read a sample. And then...then I start reading. For realsy.

Okay, enough babbling an let's dive in...

I'm not sure if you want to hear about each one. Do you? Yes? No? Okay then, I'll just do a small blurb for each..

  • Boys on the Boat: Wow, these boys were aaa-mazing. And I loved that I knew most of the places since they were from U-Dub (aka University of Washington). This is along the same lines as Unbroken. They give me goosebumps - the dedication, courage, strength. I learned a lot about crew as well. Man, that's a tough sport!
  • How to Raise the Perfect Dog: This was in preparation for Asha. I frantically read it before we got her. The theory & strategy is great, but not as practical and day-to-day as I may have hoped. Cesar is my hero.
  • The Century Trilogy: This is one of my favorites in the list I have here. Pillars of the Earth is probably one, if not the very favorite books of mine and these didn't let me know. I learned so much about World War I and II as well as the third book that dives into more about Vietnam and more recent history. 
  • All Souls Trilogy: I admit this has witches and vampires, but so much better than Twilight (yes, guilty of reading it!). It's fun and has a bit little bit of history in there. Completely enjoyable. 
  • The Outlander Series: This is the closest I get to reading romance, sappy novels. Claire is just devious and delightful. Jamie is hot and sexy. And it's in Scotland. Oh so steamy! But, it's historical, too. The book are better than the Starz TV series, but I still liked the show.
  • Girl Boss: This was part of Oracle's Book Club and OWL (Oracle Woman Leadership). I liked it, but I felt she kept repeating the same thing. I really just think she made the right decision, at the right place, and at the right time. Luckily girl. 
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane: Totally different and rocks your a good way. The way Neil Gaiman tells this story is captivating - magical and real join together. 
  • Tender at the Bone: My boss recommended this book based on my love of food and cooking. He didn't steer me wrong. I'll probably read some of her other books, too.
  • The Thirteenth Tale: Totally intriguing book and a nice twist to it. It has great descriptions and you just keep reading because you've got to know the end!
  • Lost Wife: I'll be upfront with you - this is not a cheerful read. It's sad and beautiful. I really dislike books that have really sad, depressing endings. This is sad, but you leave satisfied. 
  • Coming Home: I loved this book. It's a bummer the cover makes it look so sappy. It it were for my friend encouraging me to read it, I would have waived it off. You just fall in love with the characters. You can just cuddle up on the couch and read all day with this one.
  • Where'd Ya Go Bernadette: If I were a beach reader, this would be as close as I get to a beach read - just totally fun. And it takes place in Seattle so I can relate. A quick read that's totally worth it.
  • The House of Silk: Who doesn't like a good mystery? And Sherlock, well, he's the best detective out there. Enough said.
  • Confederates in the Attic: I really learned a lot in this book about the South and the Civil War. The writing is fun and the stories so crazy and fun. 
  • Shadow of the Wind: Dark and mysterious and lovely. One reviewer on Amazon wrote, "A mystery story, a fairy tale, a love story (actually several love stories), a passion for literature, a treatise on politics, a bawdy tale, with love, hate, courage, intrigue, loss of innocence, humor, cowardice, villainy, cruelty, compassion, regret, murder, incest, redemption, and more." That pretty much covers everything.
  • Unbroken: Louis Zamperini's story is unbelievable. Seriously, it's hard to believe this is a true story after you see all that Louis goes through during (and after) WWII. What an amazing man! Please read this and do NOT watch the movie first! (The movie is fine, but doesn't quite cover the whole story).
  • The Witching Hour: This book takes you through the lineage of a very strange and interesting family - that have a special stone. You will get caught up in the characters and family and the places that go - especially New Orleans. I am just made that it was so long and the end sort of lets off like you need to continue to the next book. More reading to do!
  • The Kitchen House: This takes place on a plantation before the Civil War. There is a Irish orphaned girl that grows up in the Kitchen House. A story of story of class, race, dignity, love, and hope.
  • Killing Jesus: Don't poo-poo this simply because you see Billy O'Reilly and immediately write it off (come on, I know most of you are). I learned a lot about the life of Jesus and the political backdrop of his life. I'm a dork and took notes when I read this one.
  • Who Do You Think You Are?: This was to go along with the sermon series our pastor was doing last year. It was good, but really no need for you to read it unless you want to follow the sermon recordings. 

Not pictured - I'll stop my descriptions now. But all good books!

That was a lot. Like, A LOT of books. I'm going to have to start writing these posts more often so as to avoid bombarding you with so many. But now you have a good reading list on your hands.

Any good books you've read lately that you'd recommend to me? Write a comment and share!!