Caleb's 19 Month Update

At 19 months, Caleb is now officially headed towards the big two and I'm sure it'll be here before we know it. He is definitely a toddler and loves to run, climb, point, tumble, tantrum, and "talk." I love his little wisps of hair and goofy personality. And, of course, the monthly block photos just get harder and harder. This time he thought throwing them on the hardwood floors would be a good idea. 


Everyone loves bloopers, right? I get a lot of those when trying to take Caleb's monthly photos. Here's a few favorites:

Nothing too crazy new over the past month. Still lots of "ohs" and "okays" and some more teeth popped in on the bottom. Josh was happy to see him eat meat like sausage, ground beef, and meatballs...thata boy. 


Playtime is the best time. Caleb couldn't think of anything better than spending an afternoon at the park. Well, I take that back. Trucks and cars would be pretty good ways to spend the day, too.

Oh, and a new game in the locker room - hid in the locker and then bang on it. Fun.

On the Go

Always on the go. Never stop. Only pause to point at something or check it out, otherwise just go-go-go. Many of my photos are of his back since he runs off as soon as his feet hit the ground.


We both love hanging with our peeps. We had some good times with our friends this past month. And of course, Caleb got some quality time with Asha. 

Nom Nom Nom

Caleb's favorite food is still fruit especially blueberries. Sadly, the blueberries on our bush are slowly disappearing for the season. :( We did get him to eat some meat this month, which was awesome. I think he was growing and having a protein craving since he stopped eating it after a week (mom shaking her head in frustration!). He also loves ice cream and froyo, so I know he's definitely taken up some of mom's favorites.

Too Cute

Ok, he wasn't really a naughty boy, but it was too good of a photo opportunity to pass up. It was a chair in a restaurant here in Tacoma.

We also introduced him to spray parks. He was a bit unsure about surprise water coming out of the ground, but I'm sure it'll soon be his favorite summer activity.

Mama and Papa

Good times with mama and papa. He was a trooper and went to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with me. We got him some cute new shoes, but that's about all we could manage at the store. He'd rather spend time exploring or eating ice cream.

My cutie pie is growing up so fast and we love him to pieces!