Caleb's 15 Month Update

Another month has passed and Caleb is another month older. Funny how that works. ;) He's growing up so fast and already at 15 months. Here's the latest with the little man...

This past month we made some big strides...literally. He's not quite walking all around, but he can take a few steps between Josh and me (or if something nearby is very tempting and he's already standing). He does little things all the time that just amaze me. My favorite right now is that he takes shoes (anybody's shoes) puts them on his hands and crawls around. It's hilarious. 

Also, boxes are the bomb. He loves to crawl inside, push them around, or better yet, push the box while chasing Asha. Asha is a big deal right now. Caleb just loves her. He will sit in the dog bed with her, turn on the TV, and lie back on her. He will pat her gently, or hug her. However, he also enjoys chasing her around the house either crawling or pushing his walker. 

Smiles and Such

Caleb has the best smile, and his can't help be laugh along with him. The most smiles and laughs happen when we play games. One of his favorites is standing up behind me, using my back for support, then peeking around my shoulder in a game of peek-a-boo. 

Mom and Dad

Weekends are the best because we get quality time together as a family. Caleb loves his Dad - it's so adorable to watch. They are like two peas in a pod. My favorite photo is the one of both of them on the couch eating toast. Cracks me up!

Great Outdoors

We've had some sunny & nice days where we can get outside. Caleb absolutely loves being outside. He doesn't seem to mind the sidewalk on his knees - ouch! So much to see and explore outside. We can't wait for the really good summer weather to come! (yup, no socks and no shoes...they just come off, immediately).


Like any kid, Caleb is a big fan of playtime. He loves going to the Children's Museum and we go about once a week. I don't know where his energy comes from, but I think he'd go all day if I didn't stop him. Too. much. fun. 

He also figured out how to stack the rings (and other things). It's fun to see him figure it all out and get excited when he's understands.

Right now, his favorite activity is pushing the dump truck around the house...better yet, chasing the dog with the dump truck. I'll get a photo and post next month. ;) 

PDX Trip

We did our first mini-trip down to Portland. We had such a great time, and Caleb also enjoyed the trip. Traveling with a kid is MUCH different, but it's still lots of fun. We went on some adventures and ate delicious food

Small spaces and Technology

Phones, remotes, computers - anything with screens seems to attract this kid. It's like he can sniff it out and find where we hide them, too. He'll point and scream when he sees it. Ahhh! I think Siri is going nuts.

He enjoys crawling into anything he can fit into -- shelves, furniture, boxes, and pots. The trouble can be getting out! That's when mom steps in and helps out. 

The pots are hilarious - he tries to put his butt into pots that are way to small. However, the pasta pot seems to be just right for his little patootie. And it's not just pots, but he tries to sit in a lot of things. He sticks his butt up and then falls back and sits down. He'll sit on other kids, the dog, on his parents...whatever looks comfy.


Asha is a great pal. She puts up with a lot, and will share her doggie bed. I have a feeling they'll be best buds for a long time. Especially once Caleb realizes that pulling on her ears isn't her favorite thing.

We also enjoy hanging out with little humans, too. We've met some fun kiddos and mamas around Tacoma and playdates are our favorites. 


It drives me nuts - one day he likes something, then the next day he doesn't want anything to do with it. Argh! Right now favorites include fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, garbanzo beans, mac n cheese, and toast with butter. Sadly eggs went to the "no" list, but I keep trying. #neveracceptdefeat

P.S. Have you ever tried to feed an overly tired baby. See photo below. Caleb holds his head like it's about to explode and screams and cries. Believe me, it's not an experience you want to do everyday. 

My little baby is growing up so fast! Loving every moment!