Caleb's 16 Month Update

Boom! Another month. Craziness. And I think it's time we officially call Caleb a toddler. Why do I say this now? Because he's officially toddling. This month he got up and started walking. Yea, sure, he'd been taking steps, but he started to put those steps into much, much longer stretches. I think he just needed to realize he can walk because he won't stop - he's like the energizer bunny the way he just keeps going and going. 

And he just keeps getting cuter. Or, maybe that a mother's eye and the fact that she now gets sweet, big hugs. *Heart swells* My little boy is growing up so fast!

He did more than just start walking, too. He transitioned to one nap and is starting to get those dang wisdom teeth. I love, love, love that he also grabs a book and then sits in my lap. He still flips through the book without me finishing the page, but it's just the cutest. 

Good Friends, Good Times

We've really make some great friends. I enjoy seeing them interacting now as well. Sharing snacks, looking at books, driving cars - ahh, so darling to watch. 

Time to Walk

After one weekend he just decided to start walking - April 24th to be exact. It was amazing how he just started going. Something just clicked and he was up and going. He gets so happy when he walks, too. People are commenting how great a walker he is already and he's really only been walking a few weeks now. That's my boy!

Here's a little video of the first few days walking.

Mom, Dad, and Easter

Easter was lots of fun with Caleb. Not quite ready for egg hunts, but close. Check out my Easter post

Too Cute

I'm "mom biased" here but he's so cute. I love his snuggles. I love how he puts our hats on his he'd and thinks it's hilarious (and proceeds to crawl/walk around). I love his smile. Ahhh, love him!

Fun Times

Lucky for us, the zoo is only about a 5 minute drive from now. With a membership, we get to go a bunch. Another favorite is the Children's Museum of Tacoma, which is not really a museum but a mega play's awesome. Now that the sun is making more appearances, we also get to check out all the parks and shores. Yay!


I think we have a little athlete on our hands. He LOVES balls. It's adorable. He can make hoops and is a pretty good goalie. 

Swings, trucks, climbing (yup, that's him on the table there). It's playtime friends.

Learning Tower

We put out the learning tower that allows him to be level on the counter. He's still a bit young for it, so we're not using it a lot yet. But he really got a kick out of it.

I can't wait to get him helping me in the kitchen! 

Eating then Bathing

He's getting the hang of the fork, sorta. And after dinner, we have to have a bath...because toddler's eating is...messy.

Best Friends

Asha and Caleb are the best of buds. Asha is very patient and sweet with Caleb. And Caleb has learned to be gentle (most of the time) and gives Asha big hugs (too freaking cute). I love that they're growing up together. 

I'm sure 17 months will be here before I know it!