Random Acts of the Month: March & April 2015

I have two months to post this time around. I just never got to March. It's not that I forgot, I just didn't have the time. By the time I could post, it was already April (tossing my hands up In the air). I figured I'd just combine the two. 

March and April were quite busy - from moving to getting a new pup, then from my grandma to my mom. It was busy and emotional.

March 2015:

I'll keep this one short since it was over a month ago now.

Top Row: We got some great spring days in March. I love seeing the flowers bloom. We have a magnolia tree in our yard and cherry blossoms all around. Love it.

Middle Row: Asha entered our lives at the beginning of March. And I've been taking lots of photos of her - see more here

Bottom Row: Work was busy. Our company hosted a Women's Leadership Panel and I was in charge of food & drink. My work team signed up for a 5K, showed up, saw it was pouring rain, and ended up getting brunch instead. And Josh and I enjoyed our first fire in our new fireplace.

April 2015:

Now onto April! It was a busy month. It started with Chicago and family. My Grandma Ruth passed away so I went out to Chicago. Since it was over Easter weekend, I got to be with family for Easter. We went to my Uncle Chuck's church, Messiah. I got to see my cousin Jenny and her family.

Of course, there were Easter lilies and I thought the Java with Jesus was pretty funny!

While in Chicago, I saw lots my O'Neill family. We stayed with my lovely cousin Erin and her family (middle). We spend Easter dinner with my Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann (left) & family. And for the first time in a long time, all the cousins were together (right).

And I got to spend Easter with my parents and sister, too! 

We got some Of my favorite Chicago bites. Lindsay, my sister, and I had a few hours to spare one day for lunch, and headed to Top Chef winner Stephanie's restaurant, Little Goat Diner (left). I was sure to grab a tea latte from my favorite tea spot, Argo. (middle). And of course, got some Frango's (Macy's Frango shop, right) - a Grandma Ruth favorite!

As I mentioned, Lindsay, and me had a few hours to getaway to downtown Chicago. Some good sister bonding time.

I just got my camera (I left it in Chicago by accident - ahh, I felt so lost without my camera), so I'm seeing the below photos only now. I will try to post about those few hours sometime soon. They were a fun few hours. 

Josh and I tried some new restaurants this month that were crazy good. We enjoyed brunch at Brunswick & Hunt (left) - we were originally headed to Fat Hen, but the wait was too long for our rumbling tummies. Then we had a romantic dinner at Damn the Weather (middle). We enjoyed EVERYTHING - that includes drinks, salad, dinner, and dessert. We went all out and it was sooo worth it. See me biting that rib? That's me chowing down at Bourbon & Bones (right). The food was meaty and delicious. Oh, and we did have bourbon, too.

Oh course we spent lots of time with little Miss Asha pup. 

And more time with the pup on walks. Plus her escape under the bed. 

And there you have it. Now it's May - hard to fathom. This year is going too fast. Just way. to. fast.