Taco Libre Truck Showdown

On Saturday, Josh and I decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a bit early and eat some delicious tacos at the Taco Libre Truck Showdown. Basically, local food trucks gathered at one location and served out their best plate of tacos. Tacos....count us in.

We knew it'd be crowded (hello, tacos) but we didn't realize it'd be this crowded.

We almost turned around and said forget that! But the tacos lured us back. And what the heck, what else are we going to do, go home and watch TV? It's sunny. It's tacos. Let's do it. 

Considering the length of the lines. We had to just chose a truck and go with it knowing it would probably be the only one we'd go for. We opted for the Asian influenced, Buddha Bruddah.

So we waited. And waited. And whispered to each other about the obnoxious group behind us. It was fun and good people watching.  

Oh boy, we're getting closer. Also, I'm impressed that the gal was able to continue to smile considering her line was a mile long. 

See, she's still smiling.

As we neared, the menu appeared. Oh so delicious sounding...Oh so hungry!

We ordered three carne asada tacos and three sweet & spicy carnitas tacos.

We finally got our tacos, hunkered down on the curb, and chowed down. 

I'm mean, look at me go...

I am happy to report: the tacos were worth the wait. They were delicious! 

And so, with full bellies, we left. 

It was good. It was fun. And we