Good Friends, Nature, and a Wedding

The other weekend, Josh and I were down in the Sierras in California. Before we went on the trip we were saying it was near Lake Tahoe, but now that we've been I'd say it's closer to Truckee...kinda. Here's a map if you're a visual person like me. 

We were down there for an important reason - our good college friend, Chris (who actually roomed with Josh sophomore year and later lived with after college), was marrying Tori. Hurray! We were thrilled to make the trip down and see them tie the knot. It was also great to see all of our other great college friends. These are friends that you can pick up where you left off, even if it's been a few years. 

As I said, we were basically in the middle of nowhere, but specifically at a place called Gray Eagle Lodge. It was a cute lodge that had cute, little cabins all around. Of course, being in the middle of nowhere we had no Internet service. WHAT?! What are going to do. It took a few hours for our wifi detox, but in the end it was a nice break. 

Anyway, back to friends talk. Look at this gang - then and now...crazy! The top one was 2005, 10 years ago, when we were in Lake Tahoe for 4th of July. The bottom is when we took a hike near the lodge when we were at Gray Eagle together. A few folks missing, but you get the idea. 

Or how about this little gem. The guys at the Santa Clara Senior ball, and then at the wedding. HA, so entertaining to look back at the old photos. Also, look at how better cameras have gotten...dang.

So you get the idea - long time friends. We really had a great time. Friday and Sunday was mostly traveling to/from the wedding, so the bulk of the fun was on Saturday. 

Saturday morning we when on a hike (sans bride & groom, of course). The trail started at the lodge and we hiked out to a little waterfall. It was a great hike on a beautiful day.

After working up an appetite on the hike, we grabbed some grub in the town of Graeagle, and then enjoyed it picnic-style at a nearby brewery.

Then it was time for the big event, the wedding! Of course, it was beautiful, sunny day up until the ceremony. Right at 4pm, there was a loud burst of thunder and then the rain came. They were prepared, though, with tons of IKEA umbrellas and tarps. I hear rain at your wedding is good luck. A few of these photos are courtesy of Jeff Herbage (thanks Jeff!).

After the ceremony, the rain stopped. Yup, pretty much. We grabbed some group photos. Maybe in 10 years I can compare these photos with another gathering. Wouldn't that be awesome?! (Thanks to Jeff again for these photos).

Then there was the reception. It had the. best. cheese. table. EVER. It was to die for, you guys. The food was good, the company great, and then we boogied all night long (okay, so maybe to like 11pm - we're getting older apparently). It was tons of fun. (Let's thank Jeff one more time for some of the photos). 

And that was one fine weekend with one great group of friends. 

P.S. More of my photos are on this Flickr album