Random Acts of the Month: June 2015

Oh my, it's July! July is usually when summer starts arriving in Seattle, but this year it came early and we had some warm summer June days already. In fact, I have a "tan" - meaning I'm no longer as white as a vampire. I can see a slight mark on my feet where my flip flop straps are and to me, that's a tan. Summer! 

June was a great month. Let me share some of the moments with you! 

We spent the first weekend of June down in the Sierra's (kinda, sorta near Lake Tahoe) for our friend's Chris and Tori's wedding. We got to see a bunch of good college friends. It was a great weekend. I have a post with more about all the fun plus some great 10 years ago vs. now photos.  


We've made taking Asha to the dog park a regular thing. She l-o-v-e-s it there. But the walk home is a struggle. She's usually worn out and with the heat, we have to stop at every shady spot and/or if there is lush grass for her to roll around. 

And to continue the Asha talk...she turned half a year old (aka 6 months) in June. She's still full of puppy, but look at that baby face! She's growing up so fast. 

June is also my birthday month. I'm not one of those people that tries to sneak by her birthday. I love celebrating! My co-workers treated me royally with gifts, a card, and delicious Trophy cupcakes

Josh really treated me like a Queen for my birthday, too. We had a most wonderful meal at Cascina Spinasse. I died in food coma heaven. Every little morsel was delicious. I think my favorite was the mushroom pasta - Tagliatelle alla spugnole. But the trout, oh the trout - Trota alla piemontese. The trout was bellissimo! And gosh, the dessert was perfection - it was a lemon tiramisu - Zuppa Inglese al limone to be exact. The pasta was all fresh and homemade. Even the bread was good. I just made myself hungry writing all this. 

I also did some baking, but of course I'll share more in my next Baker's Corner. And Asha got her own playpen in the backyard. 

And that's a wrap. Bring it, July!