Caleb at 2 Months

It's hard to put words to our life now that we have a baby. It's surreal, really. Josh and I look at each other sometimes and say, "we have a baby!" It really blows my mind; all in the most wonderful way possible, though. 

Caleb just turned two months last Saturday. Can you believe it?! It feels like time has been both crazy fast and super slow. It's hard to think that Caleb only just joined us eight weeks ago.

Now that Caleb is here, our (especially my) everyday has done a 180. Folks aren't kidding when they say everything changes. 

Here's a bit of what I do each day:

Tummy Time - I try to get Caleb on his tummy for a little bit each day. It's supposed to help them gain neck & shoulder strength. His favorite part is looking in the mirror. It's too cute! He's able to lift his head up and turn from side to side. Pretty soon he'll stop being a boggle head and have total head control! Oh, and as you can see, Asha always wants to join in the fun, too.

Grocery Store - This isn't everyday, but once a week we head out for groceries. I've tried putting the car seat in the cart, but then that leaves no room for the food. Then I tired the stroller with a basket, but the basket get's too heavy. Next time I'll try the Ergo carrier. Livin' and learnin'. 

Naps - Caleb is a good sleeper (so far & knock on wood). I need to be a better napper (as in actually take a nap). Caleb is the cutest when he naps - his arms usually like to flail out into different positions (often up by his head). He looks so angelic & peaceful when he sleeps.

Walks - We tried to get outside each day, so long as it's not pouring rain. Usually we can find a break in the weather. Caleb, Asha, and I all go strolling together for fresh air.

Cook - Sometime between feedings and naps, I have been finding a way to prepare dinner. I even baked a few times and experimented with some new foods like ricotta cheese and english muffins. Boom, the baker is still in the kitchen. 

Mama Time - I have some friends that have kids/babies, so I try to meet up with friends during the week as well. We might get coffee or go for a walk. It's nice to get sometime with other mamas. And coffee is a MUST.

Watch TV - I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix while Caleb nurses. I hadn't seen it before, and just love the show. It's perfect for those 2am nursing times with Caleb. I'm also watching Harry Potter movies, Ina Garter, and various other shows. Caleb doesn't seem so sure about the one I was watching in the photo below (it was Alton Brown).

Laundry - This is less exciting, but it's something I do way more often now. Babies produce a lot of dry clothes! Sorry, no picture - didn't think you'd want to see dirty clothes. 

Faces - I can just sit there and look at Caleb. I could do it for hours if I didn't have anything else to do. He makes the funniest expressions, but his smile it what melts my heart. The past week we really have seen a personality start to show. We love to sit down and make faces at each's the best.

There you have with Caleb at 2 months. Time just keeps moving along - it's crazy!