35 Way to Celebrate Fall

It's fall, hurray! Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it - the smells, the colors, the tastes. Oh boy! If you're still stuck on summer, snap out of it and get into the fall mood. If you're having trouble, then I've come up with 35 ways you can get yourself in the fall spirit.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch - This is a fun family activity. We just went to one on Sunday. I particulary enjoy the ones that you go out into the fields to pick your own pumpkin.

2. Get lost in a corn maze (or hayride) - These are often also at the pumpkin patch farms, but sometimes the very big mazes are events of their own. Petit Macaron is a bit young for us to do a maze, but I think next year this would be a lot of fun.

3. Carve Pumpkins - You went to the patch, now carve the pumpkins! Or, try out the latest trend and paint or decorate your pumpkin. I like the idea of the leaves painted on the pumpkin…looks so cool! Oh, and here’s some tips to help your pumpkin last longer!


4. Roast your Pumpkin Seeds - Don’t throw out those seeds after carving your pumpkin, eat them. Roasted pumpkin seeds are so tasty and a fun activity with the kiddos. Try these spiced seeds.

5. Bake a Pumpkin Dessert - I am a pumpkin addict and love everything pumpkin - sweet and savory! This pumpkin bread is delicious, or these cookies.

6. Find a Haunted House - This might be best for older kids or adults if it’s too scary, but haunted houses can be a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit!

7. Buy or Make Halloween costumes - Part of the fun of dressing up for Halloween is deciding what you want to be and then finding the perfect costume. If you’re crafty, try making your costume.

8. Find Fall Foliage - Fall is my favorite season with the scents, tastes, and best yet all the beautiful colors. Go out on an adventure to find some fall colors. You could even make a huge pile of leaves and jump in it. Fun! Check out this cool fall foliage prediction map.

9. Take a Hike - The cool, crisp air is so refreshing this time of year. Find a kid-friendly hike and go outside. Don’t forget to grab those boots.

10. Go Apple Picking - Have you had a Honeycrisp Apple? You need to, they’re the best! There are awesome farms that let you go apple picking, which can be a great outing for the family.

11. Drink Something Warm - Get all cozy with a blanket and a cup of warm tea, or better yet some hot apple cider. These teas are delicious.

12. Get Crafty - One fun craft is to make a peanut better bird feeder with a pinecone. Check out how to do it here.

13. Make a fall Dinner - I just love warming up the house with something homey for dinner. Try making a chili or soup for dinner. Check out this Butternut Squash Chowder in the slow cooker…yum!

14. Start early Christmas Shopping - It’s not to late to get shopping. Start your list and get to the mall. Starting this early relieves the holiday pressure later and gives you time to find the perfect gift.

15. Decorate your House - You can decorate for each holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas or Hanukkah.

16. Celebrate Oktoberfest - Get your beer and bratwurst out and celebrate Munich-style. Often local neighborhoods have a fair or feast, so look up to see what’s happening near you.

17. Go to the Library - There are usually some fun events at the local library for the holidays, or just check out a good book or movie.

18. Eat a Candy Apple - Just don’t get it all stuck on your teeth, haha.

19. Attend a Farmer’s Market - Some Farmer’s Markets close after the summer, but there are a few that run year-round. Find one that’s open and go local. Buy some squash, Brussels Sprouts, and other seasonal fruits and veggies.

20. Turn on your Fireplace - Don’t you love the smell of the fireplace? Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy stories by the fire.

21. Make a Thankful Jar - With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s the perfect time to remember what you’re thankful for. Check out this cute Thankful Jar craft.

22. Break out your Sweaters and Scarves - And boots and jackets, too!

23. Watch Football - Make some game day snacks, and cheer on your city’s football team.

24. Light some Candles - There are some great scents for fall like pumpkin or apple. I love this candle. Breathe in the season!

25. Prepare your Garden for Winter - We have a garden at our new home, and I realized I need to prepare the flowers and garden for the long winter. Be sure you care for your yard before rain (or snow)!

26. Read a good Book - Rainy days with a good book are the best.

27. Take your Christmas Photos - Get the family together to get a great shot for your Christmas cards. Here’s some tips, or find a photographer.

28. Movie Night - Enjoy a movie that celebrates the season. Maybe it’s a scary movie for Halloween, or something for Thanksgiving. Check out Planes, Trains & Automobiles, it’s a classic.

29. Hang a Wreath on your Door - Your visitors will love your festive door!

30. Fall Cleaning - Ugh, cleaning…but it’ll make you feel good. Try going through your closet and donating some clothes to Goodwill.

31. Listen to Holiday Music - Turn up the volume and belt out some songs for the holidays. Starting with Halloween and the Monster Mash.

32. Go See a Play - It’s such fun to dress up and go out to see a play. Get the whole family involved!

33. Build a Fort - Grab some pillows and blankets and build a big fort.

34. Paint your Nails - Get festive with your fingernails and toes. I love when you do a cute design or have an accent fingernail. And aren't these colors perfect for fall?

35. Enjoy a Bath - Don't be a bath hater. Take a bubble bath and pamper yourself. Plus, they really warm you up on a brisk day.

I think I need to go eat some pumpkin pie now...