Caleb's 9 Month Update

Here we go again, another month come and gone. Caleb is now 9  months old! 

Everyday he amazes me. It's just a joy to watch him grow, learn, and develop. He's pulling up to stand now, and trying to figure out how to walk. All while smiling and laughing. His laugh really steals the show - that little dimple. I die. 

At his 9 month check-up this week, the doctor commented on how friendly, alert, and active he is.  We often get stopped by people saying how cute and observant he is. Yup, that's my boy!

Look at him grow! I'm still in awe at how much he's grown. I see newborns now, and I am surprised at how small they are and realize how much Caleb has grown. 

And of course, I did our 9 month photoshoot. Getting these photos has gotten quite difficult as he's grown and become more mobile. He doesn't like to just lie on his back anymore. As soon as you put him down on his back, he immediately flips over and starts to crawl away (this makes changing his diaper a real challenge). To get these, I ended up grabbing the decorative corn and waiving the husk at him. It worked for like 30 seconds - enough to grab a few shots. 

And a look at his progress this month:

Now onto all the photos for the month. 

Cuteness in Henleys 

I got this three pack of henley shirts on sale at Carter's. Apparently, I love to dress him in these shirts, especially the yellow one. He's starting to grow out of them, so I might have to pick up more!


A friend lent us Leo the Lion, and Caleb just loves him. He pulls himself up on it, but really enjoys when I push him around. He also has rediscovered his exersaucer. He still loves to jump-jump-jump, but now he likes to jump, crawl, stand, and get into all sorts of mischief. 

First Zoo Visit

We went to the Point Defiance Zoo, which is only about 5 minutes from our house, with our friend Seana and Sidney. We are now annual members there and it's awesome. Caleb was entranced by the animals, and it was great fun. I think his favorite was the aquarium and jelly fish.

Grandma Jan 

Grandam Jan flew up and spent the week with Caleb and me. It was so nice to have her around (and to help!). I had someone to hold Caleb down while I changed his diaper, haha. Caleb loves his grandma and they had a blast. Unfortunately, we all got sick that week, but it was worth it (or so Grandma Jan says).

Mischief Managed

Why is it that baby's seem to be attracted to anything they are NOT supposed to get into. Caleb loves cords, boxes, baskets, and is constantly trying to escape from the room. He'll go to the doorway, turn to look at me, smile, and then skooch on out. 

Time with Dad

Caleb gets the biggest smile when he sees his dadda. I love seeing them together - my two favorite guys.

Yummy Food & Fun in the Tub

Caleb is still really only into eating purees, but he'll suck those suckers down. His favorites are yogurt and the Beef & Veggie Medley. 

And isn't that Ducky tub the cutest? I saw it and had to have it. It's prefect for him and he really enjoys his duck bath time. 

Adventures with Mom

We got on all sorts of adventures together. His favorite thing, though, is the mom jungle gym - using mom to climb. See my "haaalp me" photo? That's everyday. #momlife. 

It was a great month even if we had to go through our first cold together - yuck! And officially starting to see teeth. Caleb is such a good natured and happy little guy and is the light of our lifes!