Caleb's 4 Month Update

Here I go again with my time complex. I just can't get over how fast time is going by. Someone told me that by having a child I just speed up time by at least 2x. I believe it. 

Anyway, are you ready for photo palooza? I must say Caleb is a pretty patient guy with all the photos I take. Although, he is now very interested in my iPhone cover and stops whatever cute thing he is doing to stare or grab at it. Sigh. Sometimes I grab my regular camera now since he doesn't recognize it as much. 

Let's get to it...

Gosh, I have so many ways to show how old he is - blocks, stickers, his friend Max the Raccoon (more on Max soon).

Now that we're at four months old, I think I'm going to stop with thing the weekly photo thing. When I was out and about the other day, another mama told me her baby was 32 weeks the other day. As a mama myself, I keep track of the weeks, but when you get so high up its hard to really know what that number really means. I end up trying to do math in my head - "well, if I divide that by four, I'll roughly get somewhere near how many months that baby is" - but who wants to do that. So, I think I'll just do months from here on out...

Over the past four months, here's what we picked up on Caleb's personality / life...

He is a Curious Guy

He gets this little mischievous look that is the cutest. Lately he loves to poke is head out from the Ergo carrier to look at the world. He's interested in leaves, lights,'s all new and he's totally curious about it.  

He's very Playful

It's amazing how much more alert he is now. He loves playtime. We have a activity matt and he just rolls around on it and grabs at the toys. He is also starting to teeth a bit so anything and everything goes into his mouth. Oh, and he's ticklish! I love to be the Kiss Monster and I kiss his belly and sides and he just laughs so much...I love it! 

Our little Snuggler

He loves snuggling. This he gets from his mama. We're snugglers. Wrap us up in a blanket and we're happy.

Enjoys the Outdoors

Now he's more curious and alert, the outdoors are fun! Here's something you non-baby friends should know: when you have a baby, you'll suddenly go on many, many more walks. I would like to thank Seattle for the sunny weather and less rainy spring this year. 

Cute as a Button

When Caleb was born, I saying he was a little button. The nickname has stuck: button. We think he's just cute as a button (yes, buttons are cute).

Already Making Friends

With PEPS and some other mama friends I've made, Caleb has some good baby friends. Oh, and Asha is a friend too. She likes to give him kisses in the face and his feet. 

There you have it. Four months. A quarter of a year. Ah, crazy! I love this guy so much!