Caleb's 3 Month Update

Snap...that's how quickly these first three months have gone - just a snap of the fingers. It's been such an awesome three months and it's incredible how much Caleb has grown and developed.

The growth is unreal. It's been so cool to see him grow and grow. 

You know I love taking photos, so I tried to narrow some down a bit. Here's a look at the last three months...

Spending time with mama and papa.

Caleb is developing so much!

We see him sticking out his tongue (he'll mimic you if you stick your tongue at him, too), Lifts his feet into the area, sucking his fist, getting some good head lift and control, trying really hard to roll over form back to tummy (we got the tummy to back roll down, though!), and grabbing everything.

Hanging with Friends.

We've been going on lots of fun walks with other mama and baby friends. Luckily the Seattle weather has been pretty good lately, too! We also joined PEPS (a new parent's support group) and Caleb has met a bunch of there baby friends.

Being Goofy!

Look at Caleb do the superman core exercise pose! He also likes to chill next to mama as she's on her computer in the morning.

Smiles and Giggles!

Yup, he laughs out loud now. He also coos and gurgles in conversation. But nothing melts my heart as much as his smile. 

And now we move towards 4 months - ahhhhh!

P.S. I post a lot of photos on Instagram. If you want to see him more, follow me - I'm hjoneill